Friday, May 14, 2010

Nashville Days

Mason & I have been going to Nashville one day a week since the beginning of April for me to have acupuncture at the Green Hills Natural Health Clinic. (More about that later, since I haven't blogged about it yet!) I always schedule my appointments when my dad is not at work, so Mason gets to stay with his Papa Jack for a few hours. Then we usually meet up with Andrea & Luke for lunch & playtime. Sometimes Brooke gets to join us. She's been having lots of practice in dealing with crazy little boys at restaurants! Ha! :) So, our Nashville day is always crazy busy from start to finish with all that driving up and down I-65, but we make the most of our visit and try to round up friends to spend time with. We're always exhausted by the time we get to Bowling Green, and Marc is especially missing us, so we have family time and go right to bed. The day after Nashville day is always veggin' time for Mason & mommy! Love it!

Yesterday my dad took Mason up to the Music City Mission to work for a while getting things ready for the Ladies' Luncheon. So, I picked Mason up there and we headed on to the City Cafe & TJ Maxx in Brentwood to meet Andrea & Luke for some yummy home-cookin' and a little bit of shopping. Nana Kay even stopped by a minute to get some hugs from Mason. This was right when the weather started getting really hot, so poor Mason was burning up and his little cheeks were so red! You could definitely tell he and Luke played hard that day! They were especially busy passing Mason's John Deere hat back & forth!

Lookin' out the front door of the Music City Mission

Mason & Papa Jack

Lunch at City Cafe with a couple of John Deere lovers!

The cutest little thang ever!!

Mason had to excuse himself in the middle of lunch... he had a very important call to take!

Sayin' bye to Nana Kay before heading back to BG

We love our time in Nashville each week and are so thankful that God has kept us safe during our travels! We're going to continue to do this for several more months, so let us know if you ever want to hang out!

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