Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marc's dad's birthday is actually today, but Connie (Marc's mom) threw him a surprise party after church this past Sunday night. Marc, Mason, & I drove to Madisonville that afternoon to go to church with them and then to the party. Pretty much the entire church was there for the big shindig! Terry seemed to love being surprised and loved his party. Mason played his little heart out with all his toys at Grandy & Paw's house and made lots of new friends!

Busy little bee with all his sports equipment!

Mason hanging out with his second cousins, Logan & Hanna
Mason always loves playing with Hanna! He definitely sleeps well afterwards! :)
Cousin Logan helping Mason get up on the rocking horse... with his new little girlfriend!
Someone is holding on tight to her man! So precious!
My sweet boy sitting there so patiently waiting his turn
Group photo of the rocking horse crew
A very serious conversation between grandson & grandfather

Happy 60th, Paw T!
So glad we got to be there to celebrate with you!

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