Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy 31st Birthday to....... ME!!!!!!!!!!

In the midst of all this craziness, we celebrated my 31st birthday a little bit today. May is always our month full of fun celebrations. 5 special days in a row!

Thursday, May 6: my Dad's bday
Friday, May 7: my MaMaw's birthday
Saturday, May 8: Mason's birthday party
Sunday, May 9: Mother's Day
Monday, May 10: my birthday
Tuesday, May 11: Mason's birthday

Wow! I seem to forget my birthday lately with all the excitement surrounding Mason's birthday. But that's okay! My wonderful birthday present each and every year will be knowing that my sweet little boy was born the very next day after my 29th birthday! Mason and I had a nice relaxing day hanging out at home today. We slept in til about 10 (Mason's and my present to each other!), played & read books, and during Mason's 2 hour nap, I caught up on some of my DVR'ed shows while eating yummy pasta salad & chicken salad I made! We then met Marc at Olive Garden at 4:45 for an early dinner. It just opened here in Bowling Green so we knew we had to get there early because of this long wait we've been hearing about. I piled up with the most breadsticks, salad, and fettucini alfredo and felt so sick to my stomach when it was all said & done! Oh well. It was so worth it! Then Marc took Mason home while I ventured out to the mall all by myself. That's definitely a rare thing! I had the most fun shopping...... for Mason! Thank you. It's really more fun to buy for him than it is to buy for me! I did end up buying a couple of things for ME at New York & Company on my way out of the mall cuz that is my new favorite store! I'm so excited about my purchases.

I am a part of a mommy's Bible study every other Monday night, so I was able to make it to Bible study after dinner. I am so blessed by this group of girls! We are helping each other through some very interesting seasons of our lives, to say the very least! The Holy Spirit works in that room every time we meet! Teresa is kinda like a "mom" to all of us and spoils us with dessert every time. Tonight she had some yummy strawberry shortcake ready for us and mine happened to come with some candles all ready for me to blow out! Of course, while the girls were singing "Happy Birthday!" It was a great night and we missed you girls who weren't able to be there!
Olive Garden with my 2 boys

He is sooooo big! Definitely lookin' like an almost-2 year old!
Teresa getting the candles all ready for my birthday treat
Not really knowing what to do with myself while they were serenading me! That's always kinda an awkward moment. Check out Teresa singin' away!

Thank you Marc, Mason, Olive Garden, and my Bible study girls for helping to make my day special! And for the million & one Facebook messages, phone calls, emails, and texts! I am so blessed by the so many people who love me!
And most of all... Thank you, God, for giving me these 31 amazing years!

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