Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mason is Two!!!

My sweet baby turned TWO today!! After having his big birthday party on Saturday, we just relaxed today and hung out at home during the day. Tonight we took Mason to Chuck E. Cheese for the very first time and our good friends, the Burtons' & Givens', joined us. His best big boy friend, Brayden, and his girlfriend, Gracie, are included in those families. :) He wasn't too sure what to think of Chuck E. Cheese, and I don't blame him cuz it's a pretty overwhelming experience! He just stared at everything with huge wide eyeballs and was trying to figure out what everyone was doing. He didn't really seem to love any of the rides or games. Oh well. I'm sure the poor boy is exhausted from his big weekend and just wanted to chill on his bday! He loved hanging out with Mommy & Daddy at home tonight playing with his John Deere toolbelt and hat that his Uncle Jody & Aunt Christy gave him last year for his first birthday. He put that thang around his waist and pilfered with it for hours. He loved wearing the hat and had to wear it up until it was time to put him in his crib. He even brushed his teeth in it! Marc and I have been saying all day how we cannot believe our little boy is celebrating his SECOND birthday already! Saying he's 2 just makes him sound sooooo old! We can officially say his age in years now instead of months. I'm soooo ready for another little newborn to hold, but in the meantime we're gonna keep up all our sweet traditions with our 2 year old baby! Ha! We still rock him to sleep sometimes, he's still in his crib, and we're holding off on potty-training for now. We're just not ready for him to start growing up way too quickly on us! Of course there are a million and one big boy things he does and it seems like he does something new every single day. We are so thankful that Mason is so healthy, smart, easy-going, loves being around people, and adapts so easily to new situations. I could go on and on about what we are thankful for and I'm just so humbled that God has entrusted this sweet child into Marc's and my lives!

I just love the look on his little face! He was soooo serious this whole night and was making all these new facial expressions that we had never seen before! I guess turning 2 does that to ya!
Car ride with Chuck
Shootin' some hoops with Da Da & Uncle Scott
Mason enjoying his Graduates while Da Da enjoyed his pizza... Hopefully one day Mason can experience the pleasure of biting into a cheesy, gooey, piece of pepperoni pizza!

Even though Mason's girlfriend is Gracie, he is seriously crushin' on her older sister Ally! He spots her from across the room at church and starts yelling her name! Not sure what to think of the talkin', singin' Chuck E. Cheese!

Bray Bray & May May sittin' on the stage

Mason played his first game of air hockey! He really looked like he knew what he was doing!

Mason has this new thing he is doing that is sooo cute. He is biting his little lip when he is concentrating on something.
I mean seriously, are these not the two cutest little air hockey game players ever?!?!?!
Brayden's daddy, Josh, lighting the big birthday candle!
Singin' Happy Birthday... we could of had the Chuck E. Cheese people come out, in costume and all, to sing, but we would of had to buy a $10 cake from them. Thank you. I think our little group did just fine! :)

I think the little party guests were more excited about Mason's cupcake than he was... at first! He wouldn't touch it at his birthday party, but he ended up actually eating 2 of them at Chuck E. Cheese!
Lovin' the sweet little conversation going on between the boys! I wonder what they're connivin' now??
I never in a million years thought I could love a little person this much!!

Sweet Vera Grace
The dads enjoying their cupcakes
Stephanie & me with our sweet babies
Back at home settling down with John Deere!

Reading a book that Great-Aunt Bonnie gave him before getting ready for bed

I still cannot get over this big kid sitting here reading his book in his big boy tennis shoes & big boy haircut!
Getting ready for night night... Multi-tasking by doing Starfall.com with Da Da, AND brushin' his teeth, and all of this while still sportin' the hat!
They have so much fun while doing Starfall every night! They love to dance and clap to all the different letter sounds! Special Mason/Da Da time!

THE SWEETEST FACE EVER!!!! Thank you, God, for bringing Mason Thomas into our lives and for the indescribable TWO YEARS we have had with him! They have flown by, but yet I can't imagine life before May 11, 2008!
Momma & Da Da love you sooooooo much and are having the most fun being your parents! You truly are our beautiful miracle!

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