Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day in the Moore Household

I wanted to share lots of fun pictures from Christmas Day! Most of these are of Mason tearing into his new gifts, especially his bright red retro kitchen! That was definitely the highlight of his day. Mason's Nana Kay, Poppa Jack, Grandy C, and Paw T were all here to spoil their grandbaby rotten. We had such a great day together cracking up at all of Mason's very dramatic expressions. We hope to continue this tradition of waking up in our own house on Christmas Day and having the grandparents come visit us. It was so nice staying in one day and not having to rush around all over the place. Every other day of our holidays have pretty much consisted of that, but at least we reserved Christmas Day to be a very special, low-key day at home.

Started off the day with breakfast prepared by Marc & me... we even ate this breakfast in our "formal" dining room!

Mason was lugging his new Thomas the Tank blanket around. It's really his very first blanket that is not a baby blanket! It's all big & fluffy. I can just see him all curled up in it watching t.v. when he's 7!
Oooh... Mason's very own big boy bag just like his Daddy's! It's a Reebok bag for us to take with us on overnight trips to see the grandparents. He immediately started packing for some trip... starting with his new bowling pin set. First things first!
Daddy & Uncle Jonathan trying Mason's new Sponge Bob houseshoes on him
Mason also got a Nike hat like something his Daddy would wear! It's crazy seeing all these "non-baby" gifts all of a sudden! Oh gosh, I dread the Ipod & Wii years!

The BIG REVEAL of the kitchen! We were all so excited about this.
Somebody loved it the first second he saw it. He immediately went right up to it and started banging on the pots & pans. I was all in the background ready to put that cute little apron right on him!

Our little chef hard at work
The four grandparents... check out all the food items & shopping cart that the child has already accumulated! All from his Grandy C!

Marc & I did not waste any time. We moved right on to opening our gifts while Mason played away in his kitchen! I was lovin' my new hat/scarves/gloves set from my momma! Wait, and Connie is in the background concentrating all hard on putting that grocery cart together!
Marc trying out this new golf scope thang from my brother & sis-in-law

Of course the focus kept shifting back to the boy & his kitchen!
Us girls in our new pretty scarves! I bought my mom & Marc's mom one, and of course I couldn't resist and had to get one for me, too! I LOVE this scarf! I've already worn it like 5 times.
Oooooooooh, Ahhhhhhhh... Connie got me these cute & hip jacket & hat! I am lovin' this kind of hat lately... I have a couple of them and Marc says I'm a Britney Spears back-up dancer. Thank you.
Okay, this is one cute, colorful train set! My dad was so excited to give this to Mason. And Mason just loves sitting next to it pilfering with all the fun blocks. And of course it requires wearing an apron & house shoes.

Wii time! Even my mom tried out the bowling! She was getting all into it. And Mason was even acting like he was understanding it. I'm just always so scared though that that remote control thang is gonna go flying off someone's hand and knock someone out!

Yes, this is seriously how excited my son gets just by watching someone fake bowl.
Okay, so he looks like one of those wooden vantrioloquist doll thangs here. That face!

Connie completely surprised me by getting me this laptop desk! It is just what I've been needing while doing all this bloggin', but I didn't even realize it!
Opening his new potty... Yes, I thought I would start this process a little early! Marc didn't understand why I needed to wrap it and put it under the tree. But I was just so excited about it.
Mason did not even understand what this contraption was all about. He was not impressed.

Anxiously awaiting his Daddy taking the tags off one of his gifts... notice the kissy lipstick marks from his Mommy!
I have never seen Marc's brother this excited about something before.
Now you can see why! He is one cool dude. These are some Maui Jim sunglasses that he spotted in the optical shop at Marc's work a few months ago. Of course Jonathan had no clue we would buy these for him! Sunglasses make him really happy.
Stocking time!
Tryin' on his new gloves
I mean, he didn't just LOVE them... he LOVED, LOVED them!!!!
High fives all around

Whoo!! Mason's the busiest little bee I know! Just going back and reading all this is making me tired! At 19 months old, he's just into EVERYTHING right now! Life is so fun!

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Angela said...

Mason's kitchen is so cool... that was a great find! Christmas with children is so fun because you get to play with all of their toys! And my child isn't even 1 yet! Though I fear the ipod/wii years, too.

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