Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa loves waffles, too!

Boy, do I have a RANDOM story for y'all!

Okay, so back in October (of course, I'm a little late sharing this story with y'all!), Mason and I were on one of our Brentwood Waffle House outings with my dad with Mason providing his usual entertainment for the entire restaurant by shoving a huge waffle down his throat, and WHO DID WE SEE!??!?! Well, SANTA CLAUS of course! Thank you. In comes this man, and I had to do a double-take, because for a split second I felt like I was 6 years old again and really, truly believed in Santa Claus! I really thought it was HIM coming in to eat himself some waffles! As he walks by our table, I say, "Look Mason! It's Santa Claus!" Mason was looking up at him with those huge, curious eyes, but even looked a little scared. My dad was also staring in complete shock. We couldn't figure out if it really was a man who plays Santa Claus, or if it was just a regular man who looks just like Santa. Or, if it was a Mr. Crazy who really thought he was Santa Claus! Well, because we kept staring in disbelief, Santa came up to our table, looked right at Mason, and said "Ho, ho, Ho!" And he whipped out a business card! Yup, it said "Mr. Santa Claus" on it, had a picture of him in a Santa suit, and had his contact information. Thank you. I am not even kidding.

Okay, but that's not the end of it. So, Mr. Santa sat down behind us and ordered himself some coffee. Well, a few minutes later I spotted ANOTHER Santa Claus in the parking lot! It reminded me of the movie "Honeymoon in Vegas" where there were all these Elvis' in Las Vegas that came in all shapes & sizes. So, here comes another Santa walking into Waffle House. I said, "Wait, it's another one!" And Santa #1 did not even acknowledge this other man and kept right on drinking his coffee. My dad and I were thinking that surely it wasn't a coincidence and that another man who happens to look like Santa Claus, too, was coming into Waffle House at that same moment.

And what did Santa #2 do? Of course he walked right by our table and set right across from Santa #1! We were the most confused. It really was the funniest sight. And the entire restaurant was laughing at them. But the waitresses just kept right on working and taking orders like it's a normal day at Waffle House for all these Santas to be eating there. Except that Santa #2 was a little bigger and less hairier. I said, "Wait, there are 2 of you!?!" and Santa #1 said, "Yup, this is my brother!" I don't know if he was kidding and did not dare ask any questions. By that point we just left them alone and try to let them enjoy their breakfast. But, of course I had to ask them for a picture before we left! Mason was still acting scared and did not really want to be in a picture with these 2 bearded me. The Santas acted a little annoyed, too. But what do they expect? And if Santa #1 really is Santa, then doesn't he need to be prepared for NOW when the lines are miles-long at all the malls for all the little children to have their picture taken with him? Thank you. Oh well. I guess we should have given him a little break since it was in October when we spotted him! But why did he really need to give us a business card!?!

Maybe next month we'll run into the Easter bunny and his brother at the Brentwood Waffle House! :)


Jenny Beth said...

April....Love this...what a special thing....We can neve stop believing in Santa that's what keeps our childlike spirit alive in the midst of a crazy cell phone,texting,working,tweeting,blogging,facebooking, world!!! What a neat day!! Love and hugs

Deaton, party of 5 said...

That IS a great story!!! And, you had your camera with you to take a snapshot to capture it--very cool.

April Kay said...

Tiffany, I ALWAYS have my camera with me! I never want to miss a moment like that! :)

Blessed said...

Cute! And, I love your new blog background. I almost chose it for mine! :)

janie said...

I love your picture of you and Mason! Was that a pic ya'll took or is it a photograher picture? Sooo good of both of you.

Love the Santa story. I have one of my own that I will post later. It may very well be my most favorite memory of my life. Love you all!

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