Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Moores'.... and the Certains'... and the Myers'!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving the Saturday after actual Thanksgiving Day with both Marc's dad's & mom's sides of the family at their house in Madisonville, KY. AND my parents joined us as well! It's just one big happy family when we're all together! :) And Mason is spoiled rotten being the only baby in the group! Well, now he has some competition when Marc's cousin Ginny & her hubby & baby are up from Memphis. We're so excited to finally add another baby to the family! London Grace is 9 months old. They'll be with us for Christmas and I can't wait to get London & Mason together to play! They're definitely gonna steal the show!
Here are some pics of the Moore/Certain/Myers Thanksgiving. We're so blessed to have so many family members together all at once.... and who actually enjoy it!

Marc's brother, Jonathan, went in with us to get their parents a new 42" plasma t.v. for Christmas. We were so excited that we went ahead and gave it to them the night we got there. I think they were in shock! Then we all went to Big Lots to buy a new stand to put it on. It was the biggest family outing!
Puttin' together the new t.v. right away... Even Mason was in on it!
Daddy & May-May were pooped after their big night!
The next morning, Uncle Gary was the first guest to arrive! He was getting Mason all hyped up the second our sweet baby woke up! Still in his p.j.'s!
Then Nanny & Granddad showed up. It also happened to be Nanny's birthday, so here is Mason presenting her with a birthday card. Well, actually he had to scrutinize it very closely before handing it over! Oh my, look at her all ready with her hand out to get her card!
My mom, Mason, and me enjoying the beautiful weather

A bunch of us were outside while the men were playing this game some KY folk love called "Cornhole." Hmm... sounds interesting... Anyway, what is all the commotion going on in this picture?
That's the biggest crew in that backyard!
Our annual family Thanksgiving picture... We have one of these from last year in the exact same spot with Mason wearing his turkey shirt his Auntie Andrea made him last year! We need one for every year! Hint, hint! :)
A whole bunch of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd cousins... Baylee, me, Hanna, Jonathan, Logan, Lauren, Mason, & Marc

About to take some group photo right as Terry was walking in front of the picture... But wait, did we even look ready for it anyway?
I do not know what is going on here... my dad is about asleep, and Marc's Aunt Judy & cousin Heather, and me are looking very intently at something sitting perched straight up on that couch! Oh wait, I think we were looking at Hanna put on a fashion show! There's always some entertainment in this family!

Some serious crocheting lessons going on... Nanny teaching Lauren
And Granddad teaching Monica! This is hilarious, but they say Granddad is actually better at it than Nanny! One Christmas he made all of us grandkids our very own afghans! Will Marc be doing that when he's 80!??!?!

The Moore men... back row: Marc, his brother Jonathan, cousin-in-law Jonathan front row: Marc's dad Terry, Granddad, and Uncle Paul
Just hangin' out... My dad and Granddad are in the biggest discussion about somethin'!
Wait, my dad moved to the other living room very quickly to hang with the girls!
Granddad & Nanny with their grandchildren, 2 of their grandchildren's spouses, and their only great-grand, Mason Thomas... but Mason was too busy craning that neck around to stare at his Mommy!
Some serious stuff going on in that kitchen... Aunt Susan is concentrating very hard!
What's goin' on in the front yard that everyone was rushing off to? Including Marc & Mason on the porch, and Uncle Paul assisting Nanny with her walker! And Terry got off the sidewalk and was frolicking in the grass.
My dad and me getting Mason ready for the infamous Christmas card picture... Connie wanted a picture of us to put on their Christmas card. This tradition started last year.
Us, Marc's parents & brother, and my parents... We're so blessed!

Mason bein' silly with his Grandy C & Paw T
Just us
Kisses & Banana time with Nana Kay

Okay, LOVE THIS ONE!! Mason was staring out of that window forever watching his two granddads play Cornhole! It was soooo sweet! And wonderful that his two granddads like to hang out!
Check it out! Mason wanted to perch his leg up on that ledge just like his Nana!
Trying to steal a kiss from my sweet baby
Just playin'
At church the next morning with Marc's cousin Lauren (Marc's dad's sister's daughter :) )
So sweet! Mason and Marc's second cousin Baylee... She is soooo good with Mason!
Oh, this is one of my favorites of Mason and Marc's second cousin Hanna! I just love the looks on their little faces.
Marc's cousin Logan and his mini-mi, Mason Thomas! Everyone says that Logan looks just like Marc when Marc was little.... so of course he looks like Mason, too!
My sweet boy showing off his first Christmas outfit to wear of the season! Of course I got this smocked jon jon at a consignment sale for like $15!!!
Mason having fun with his cousins after church... this child is SOOOO loved!
Mommy and her biggest blessing of all!
There is a lot of fun going on in this picture! :) They were hoisting Mason up over their heads like they were cheerleaders! Thank you.
After all the company leaves, Mason spends some time with Grandy & Paw playing on his rocking horse

In the midst of a very sad time for so many people (we found out at 7 am that morning about the loss of our dear Misty), Marc and I realize more & more how blessed we are to have such a wonderful family who is always here for us through the good and bad times. We are going to try our best not to take one day for granted. We were extra thankful this Thanksgiving... for our health, family, and all the many blessings the Lord has provided!

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