Monday, December 14, 2009

More Thanksgiving Memories!

Like I said before, Marc and I are SO thankful for our huge families and that we get to spend so much time with them in all these different cities! Thanksgiving morning we served a meal at Music City Mission with my family; our tradition for the last few years. It is so special to us and I love having Mason there to be a part of it all. We want to teach him how important it is to serve others and to show them Jesus. It makes Thanksgiving even more special to us.

That night we went to Shelbyville, TN to have dinner with my mom's brother's family. My Uncle J.C. passed away when I was in 8th grade, but we are still close to his wife (Aunt Ozelle), their kids, grandkids, and even a few great-grands! We love them so much and are so thankful to be so close to them even after my uncle passing away. I know it definitely makes my mom feel like she is still with her big brother.

We had SO much fun on Thanksgiving Day this year; it was a jam-packed day, waking up in Bowling Green, venturing on to Nashville, then to Shelbyville, then back to BG that night. That's the story of our lives, though! Always on the go. Here are some pictures of our wonderful day...

Mason & Poppa Jack at the mission... My dad works sooo hard every single year putting this meal together. So many people have seen Jesus through him. He is such a blessing in so many lives!

Marc hard at work in the "assembly line" of guys putting donated clothing in the clothes closet. See how fun it looks! :)

Mason & his Great-MaMaw
My MaMaw & me... she comes helps us every year! She wasn't feeling well this year, so we were worried about her.
A little girl, Gabriella, who is just a few days younger than Mason... They were chasing each other ALL over the place and having all these cute little conversations. Then at one point we lost them and they were behind some table... It looked like they were about to kiss! Thank you. What am I gonna do with my son!?!?!
Mason helping his Daddy serve mashed potatoes
Mason helping his Daddy wash dishes
Visiting my MaMaw Thomas' grave as we were driving into Shelbyville. We held her funeral there and she is buried there next to my Uncle J.C. and my cousin Judy

Mason singin' with Taylor Swift at my cousin Debbie's house... We were playing this Karioke game thang that I had never heard of. It was the most fun, but just had like 20 songs, so we were singing them over & over! Mason was seriously holding the microphone up for Taylor to sing into! She really needed his help. :)
My son has a huge crush on Miss Swift (just like his daddy!). Every time she is on the t.v. at home, he has to stop what he is doing and stare at her with his mouth wide open. I am not even kidding.
Mason trying to get my 3rd cousin, Taylor, to sing with me!
Marc really gettin' into it... But wait, why is he throwing some gang sign!??!
Playin' with Poppa Jack. I was so afraid he was gonna get his head stuck!
Mason singing a duet with his 3rd cousin, Trace
Wow, we were all getting into it! My dad, Aunt Tizzie, cousin Brenda in the background, my mom, and Marc
Trace & Marc in a serious competition

Love song duet time... I can't even remember what we were singing, but we were looking into each other's eyes like Tim & Faith! Ha! :)

The score after my Aunt Tizzie & Dad sang a duet... She was "Tone Deaf" and he was "Hopeful"! Hilarious! It was dissing on our singing skillz the entire time!
Even Aunt Ozelle was getting into it! She was singing her Johnny Cash song, "Walk the Line." She had to sing it like 5 times!
Dad & Aunt Tizzie getting all into their duet... that apparently they did awful on!
Look at how cute my mom is! What is she doing with her little legs all straight out in front of her??
My 3rd cousin, Taylor, and me... Her daddy, Joey, is my 2nd cousin and the same age as me. We were really close when we were little. We haven't really gotten to see each other very much though over the years.
Mason was trying to get in on the Johnny Cash songs, but his little voice just isn't quite deep enough! His Daddy giving him a patronizing pat.

My 2 boys have so much fun together!

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