Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mason's Special Day with Santa... and the Veggie Tales!

Today we headed down to Nashville to help with the Children's Christmas Party at the Music City Mission. There is nothing like watching all of those children as they hear their name called out, they go up to the front to be presented with several presents just for them, and then they get to sit on Santa's lap. They then run back to their parents or whoever was able to bring them, to very excitedly show them all of their gifts! Most of these children would not otherwise get much of a Christmas. But that's not the only thing this Christmas party is about; it's also about celebrating the birth of Jesus with these sweet children and showing them how much Jesus loves them. It is such a special day and I feel so thankful to have been a part of it this year. Usually it falls on the same Saturday that we have Christmas with Marc's family, but this year we're not doing Christmas with them until Christmas weekend.
Not only did Mason get to visit with Santa Claus; he also was introduced to Larry the Cucumber & Bob the Tomato! Thank you. What do the Veggie Tales even have to do with Christmas???!?! It was pretty hilarious to just have these huge thangs come out of nowhere! People looked the most confused, but the kids absolutely LOVED them! It was so sweet. They kept running up to Larry & Bob and throwing their arms around them. Poor little Santa was kinda put on the back burner this year!
I was very interested to see how Mason would do with Santa this year. Lately he's been acting a little scared and a little hesitant of some stuff, and especially people he's never seen before, which definitely isn't like our little outgoing boy. He got to spend a few minutes with Santa at the beginning of the day back in the offices at the mission, so he warmed up to him a little bit by time it was time to "officially" sit on his lap. At first he screamed his little head off when Santa held him, but after a minutes he looked at Santa with this big curious eyes and seemed really content and relaxed in his arms. So, by the end of the day, Santa kinda became a part of our family and Mason gave the sweetest little smile when he was sitting on his lap! Now as for Bob & Larry, well that's a WHOLE different story! :)
Bob & Larry helping to lead the kids on some Christmas songs
Mason not really knowing what to think of this funny man in the red suit and lots of white curls
And then he met Larry the Cucumber... this one speaks for itself!
Safe in Uncle Jody's arms!
My brother getting some practice before his little one arrives next July! :)
Mason and DaDa listening to the Christmas story
My mom, brother May-May, and Marc
Oh no, he found a little rocking horse in the corner of the room and could not get enough of it!
Eating crackers with a new little friend

Chillin' with Uncle Steve
The 2nd attempt to introduce Mason to Larry didn't go so well either! I mean, wouldn't you be a little leary of this tall green thang?!?! The "man in the mask" was actually my cousin, Erica's, husband!!
The kids lovin' on Bob the Tomato... they tried so hard to get me to be Bob cuz the tallest you can be is 5'3", but I refused very adamantly because I am the most claustrophic person you will ever meet!
Lunch time

Mason with his Nana Kay & Papa Jack

Mason kept looking at this Snowman up on the wall and would point frantically at it and proclaim, "Oooooh, wow!" So here he is sharing his excitement with my dad.
Mason sitting very quietly listening to my Dad with all the other boys & girls
Wait, why is Mason facing the completely opposite direction from everyone else?? Thank you.
Mason felt extra special when his Papa picked him up during the Devo
Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus!!

Larry trying to get Mason's attention
Mason dancin' during the singing Reading a Christmas book with another new friend
This family was sitting next to us and Mason kept going over there and just perching himself all up in the middle of all of them! He kept putting his little hand on the Dad's knee like he wanted him to pick him up! What a neat sight! Marc and I hope to teach Mason to love everyone; even those who have different skin color from us. He's already starting! :)
My cousin Erica lovin' her man! We do two parties that day, and at the second one Jason played Bobn the Tomato and his brother played Larry the Cucumber. We don't know how in the world Jason squeezed into that little costume! Marc kept heckling him about it during the program.
Second round of Santa pictures! My sweet boy was completely exhausted by this point so you will gradually see his little eyes closing in these next few pictures! Oh well. At least he wasn't screaming!
Aww, poor little thang! Wait, is Santa falling asleep, too, though?

And... he's out!
Momma loves her sweet boy sooooo much! Check out the lonely Santa in the background.
This may be my favorite picture from the entire day. These two precious children showing their bag full of gifts to their daddy. Mason has a ton of presents wrapped under our tree (Marc & I just bought him a few small gifts this year, but to others they're like a million dollars!), and more to come this week from the grandparents & other family, and these children have 2 bags full. We are so blessed and realize that we don't need to wrap a whole bunch of gifts for Mason each year. Opening present after present is not what's important to our children; it should be the love we show them all year round!
The winner of the bicycle drawing! She had the most beautiful smile on her face.
I guess cuddling with a sleeping baby is a good excuse for getting out of clean-up duty! Ha ha!

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