Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spiffy new 'do, Dancin', & Impressin' the women!

Mason got his third hair cut on Tuesday and he thinks he is BIG stuff! He just looks so different now. He is soooo handsome, if I do say so myself! :) Don't even ask how this haircutting experience was... He screamed bloody murder the entire time and kept flailing his arms everywhere to where it was almost impossible for the poor girl to even cut! I just kept apologizing to her the entire time. We had everything goin'... a juice box, cranberries, banana, bubbles, a little toy lion, a cool cape thang with fishies on it, songs, and even the lady in the chair next to him entertaining him! I was surprised the stylist was even able to cut it as well as she did! As soon as it was over, he hopped right down out of that chair and stomped around that place like he owned the place with this big smirk on his face. All with his spiffy 'do! Like he wasn't even having the biggest fit 5 minutes before! Oh well, it all resulted in this super cute, spiky hair cut. We went over to some friends' house for dinner that night to show it off, so here he is all sportin' his pretty look. He wanted to show off for his girlfriend, Gracie, who is 11 months old. He was so excited about going over to her house!

He always tucks his hands in when he gets excited! Every time Marc holds him, Mason has to all tuck his hands in to keep them warm. He's too funny.

Playin' with Gracie Burton... she seemed like a little baby when we first moved here, but all of a sudden after not seeing her for like 3 weeks, she seems like such a big girl to us! Now she's crawling more and Mason is so into playing with her! We love watching them interact.
Mason's newest claim-to-fame... For some reason, he loves the preview of the movie "Where the Wild Things Are" every time it comes on t.v.! We were watching it there and he immediately went into dance mode! It was hilarious. He all changes his beat according to the music in the preview. Our friend, Scott, busted out his Iphone and recorded Mason dancin'. He posted it onto my Facebook site, so click on it to watch the little video. You can hear me laughing the hardest!! We could not get over it. I have never seen him love anything so much!

Tryin' a new move!

Oh, back to playing with Gracie!
Back at home tryin' to get into his Halloween candy!

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