Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Headless Runaway Dragon... Halloween Costume Photoshoot Gone Bad!

Okay, so we perched Mason all up in our front yard for the biggest photoshoot... didn't quite work out. So, check out this link from last year's photoshoot:

Yeah, so as you can see, it went a little bit better when he was just 4 1/2 months, as opposed to the 17 month old that he was this Halloween!! First of all, he absolutely hated his costume with every inch of his being. He CANNOT stand things on his head and I'm sooo hoping this is just a phase! He will barely even let me comb his hair, let alone get a haircut, and then of course tolerating that big dragon or dinosaur or whatever head thang all perched up on his head! He kept yanking it right off. So, noone could even tell what he was for Halloween. And notice his brown opaque tights. Those are the ones he wore last year and I just stuck them on him for this photoshoot and realized immediately they were way too small! You can definitely tell cuz of the stretchy stuff at the top that I don't think you're supposed to see. :)

So, all this to say that Halloween didn't quite work out for us this year. Mason was not having any of it. Oh well. We'll try again next year. And this time with a headless costume!! We already have one in the works. :)

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andreabrosto said...

That's funny! Definitely different from last year's sweet little photo shoot! He still looks so cute in his costume!

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