Friday, November 13, 2009

A Sunday Afternoon with Mason Thomas

Last Sunday was a gorgeous, absolute God-given day! We officially became members at our church here in Bowling Green, Greenwood Park Church of Christ, and then enjoyed the afternoon together as a family, just the 3 of us, playing in the leaves of our backyard. Oh, and the boys got a little bit of raking done. :) Mason looked so cute in his little Fall outfit I got at a consignment sale earlier this year. And he had on his new big boy church shoes that I had just ordered off Ebay. :) As you can see, Mason & Daddy ended up having a little too much fun by the end of our picture-taking! I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants! I was just screaming laughing at him and snapping pictures and he just kept being silly. Then his Dad had to get in on it. Oh, I just love my two boys! We have soooo much fun together. Mason is in Nashville right now spending the night with my parents so we are missing him so much. So, working on this post and watching our DVR'ed CMA Awards for the last couple of hours has been helping keep our minds off the fact that our little stinker isn't here with us getting into mischief!


andreabrosto said...

Hilarious! What is it Mason and him pressing his face against things like that?! I love it!

He looks like a big boy playing the yard! And I love his little fall outfit!

Valerie said...

ADORABLE pic of Marc and Mason up against the door!! So funny.
Love the fall outfit!.... And, LOVE that it was from consignment!
See you soon.

Blessed said...

The pics of him against the window/door are so cute! I do love his outfit, but it is not the exact one I have, like we thought. Ours does have a horse and is reversible too though! :)

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