Sunday, June 21, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend in Louisville

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on this thang in a while! Besides everything going on around here with Marc finishing residency, preparing for our move, our pregnancy loss, and those fun busy summer days with May-May, I've also been trying to figure out how in the world to get the pictures from our new 4 gig memory card to load to our computer! I finally realized I can load them to our laptop; our other computer probably just doesn't have enough memory to load them all. So, all our recent pics are uploaded, ready for me to catch up on blogging. :)

Our camera was smashed in the Target/Cold Stone Creamery parking lot after getting ice cream with Johnathan & Brooke the night before heading to Kentucky to spend Memorial Day weekend with Marc's family and our friends in Louisville. Thankfully Marc's Uncle Paul is a photographer and loves to randomly purchase cameras for no reason at all, so he brought us a couple to try out for a while. One is a very professional Nikon with huge lenses that probably costs a million dollars and we have no idea how to use it; and the other is a Canon Elph 10 megapixel which is much closer to the one we had before. :) So, that's the one we're going with. We love it! I was so glad to get the camera just in time before we headed up to Louisville to stay with Billy, Danyelle, and Baby Audrey for the weekend. Marc had some serious golf planned, and Danyelle and I had some serious spendin'-time-with-our-precious-babies, shopping, and cooking-yummy-food on our minds. Danyelle and I hung out at their house mostly, taking pictures of the babies, but did escape for a couple of hours to Old Navy & Target. I found us some great deals! It was such a nice, relaxing weekend and we loved catching up with our wonderful friends. We visited our beloved Westport Road Sunday morning and like always, it made us miss those people like crazy! The entire church greeted us with open arms, hugs, and kisses and could not get over how big Mason had gotten since they had last seen him at 4 months old. Oh, and as huge plus, they now serve a HOT breakfast to everyone during Sunday School, so we loaded up with our sausage gravy biscuits before going in late to Arnis' class! :) As soon as we walked into the class, Arnis stopped teaching long enough to give Mason a Happy Birthday shout-out. I'm sure the people who had no idea who we were were the most confused. Anyway, Mason was very entertained during class and by the end has biscuit crumbles and jelly all over his body.

We love our visits to Louisville, but unfortunately life seems to get busier and busier so our visits have become less frequent. I'm sure we'll get back in the hang of it once we live in BG and can head up I-65 for some day trips! And I'm sooo excited about the many playdates Danyelle and I can have with Audrey & Mason! We can meet in the middle in random Elizabethtown. :) Yippeee for moving closer to Louisville! We're gonna right in the middle of all the people we love the most; we'll head north to get up to L-ville, and south to come on down to Nashville!



Blessed said...

Cute pics! I love the ones of Mason in the pack and play. He is SO LONG! So cute!

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Mason has the greatest hair EVER!!!

V said...

April Kay -

I saved your blog from many months ago because of your positive experience and posting about staying in our Vacation Rental with VRBO (sister site to HomeAway).

Anyways - I thought you might be interested in possibly winning a $10,000 contest for you, Marc and Mason to travel again (you can also purchase a new camera with the money left over) :)

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