Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby-sitting Lukie

So, about a month ago Andrea brought Luke over for me to watch while she was packing up her room at school. I was very interested to see how Mason was going to treat Luke since he's not really good at being sweet to babies and accidentally hurts them! I know Mason doesn't mean to hurt them, but he's just a little too rough with little babies. AND, we had just found out the night before watching Luke that we were pregnant, so I was viewing Mason's interaction with younger babies in a new light. They were playing together really well at first and Luke even got to squeeze in a little snooze while Mason was in his own little world playing with all his toys. Luke isn't quite into big boy toys yet, but would rather sit and be entertained by just watching Mason. Well, eventually the boys and I made it upstairs to Mason's room where I had this bright idea to put them both in the crib together so they could "play." Well, evidentally my son has a different meaning for that word! Sweet little Luke went from being sooo excited to get to hang out with his best friend, Mason, to wanting to get as far away from his as possible. Thank you. Here's a rundown of our day:

Sweet little Luke relaxing in Mason's swing

Getting used to Mason's crib... He doesn't look very comfortable here, though!

Sizing each other up
Mason moving a little bit closer... I was thinking, "Aww! How sweet!"
Oh no, what's about to happen???!!!
See, Mason moved SO fast that it even blurred my camera! This happened before I could stop it! And look at Luke, he is sitting there taking it like a man!!!
And Mason even had to have his hood on like he thinks he's some gangsta or something!! What am I going to do with him!??!
And then Mason just sat back and relaxed while poor little Luke screamed his head off! His sweet little face was turning bright red, especially those little eyebrows! I was almost in tears.
I scooped Luke right up and cuddled with him until he fell asleep. The smallest little scratch popped up on his face, but it was almost gone by the time his Mommy came to get him.

Mason's desperate plea to Luke:

Oh, Luke, I am SO sorry for the way I treated you when you came over to play!! Will you ever forgive me? My mommy and daddy have been working with me trying to teach me how to be sweet. I'm getting a little better, especially since mommy got me a baby doll to practice on. I hope you still love me and that you'll always be my best friend! My mommy and your mommy both say you have their permission to get me back good someday! I am almost 14 months old and you are almost 5 months old, but someday noone will even know the difference! We will play together like we are the same age and we will have so much fun! I love letting you borrow my clothes. You look so cute in them! But our daddies say we cannot continue to do that, oh, we also cannot go shopping together all the time like we do now. I love you best friend!

Mason Thomas


Pauliwog said...

haha!! It looks like they are in some wrestling ring each starting in their respective corners...and then here come "Nacho Libre" Mason complete with hooded costume...looks like little Luke lost this round! :) They are too cute though! I love it that they get to spend so much time together! Pretty soon, Luke will be big enough to fight back! :)

Blessed said...

This is hilarious. It reminds me of when Mason was little bitty like that and Colt was about Mason's age and attacked him! Boys!

andreabrosto said...

From Luke Andrew:
Dear Mason,
I have forgiven you for this incident and even for the incident in the car last week where you grabbed my face again and made me cry because I know in a few months it's going to be pay-back time! I've been packing on the pounds, and I'm going to be bigger than you pretty soon. Watch out, Mister! And I've been practicing my kicks lately too--I kicked my daddy 'you know where' yesterday really hard. Mommy and I thought it was really funny, but Daddy didn't.
I'm just glad I get to spend time with such a big boy like you!
High fives and hugs,

Leigh Anne said...

I LOVE it! That is so funny, and I love the letter from Mason!

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