Monday, June 8, 2009

Paradise, here we come! No, sweet boy, I'm sorry but you have to stay here!

We did it! We booked our first vacation without Mason! My heart is breaking already, but I know that Marc and I definitely need this. He has the month of July off between ending residency and starting his new job in Bowling Green, so he suggested we take a trip, just the 2 of us. We kept going back and forth about what we were going to do, but finally realized we needed to just book it instead of keep talking about it, especially since the prices were going up and up. I was the hesitant one. But, who knows when we'll get to do this again since Marc most likely wouldn't just take off on vacation right after starting a new job. We're going to spend the rest of July just hanging out with friends in Nashville, fixing our house up here getting it ready for my parents to move in after we move out, organizing and packing our house, and then of course the big move all the way up I-65 to Bowling Green, KY. :)

Marc came up with the idea of our vacation spot and I was the most excited! This may be one of our best vacations ever. We will both be in heaven; golf and sunshine! The best of both worlds. We will miss our pride & joy like no other, but we can have 5 straight nights of dates without having to worry about finding a baby-sitter, no diapers to change, no waking up in the middle of the night maybe once a week (hee hee, I know, we're mean to all of you who have had colicky babies!!), and no fighting over who gets to rock Mason Thomas to sleep. Aww, those are actually all the BEST things ever!! We will miss all that, but we can revert back to those "Marc & April" days for just a little while... those nonchalant summers of laying by the pool & being tan all the time, no "real" job to go to, sleeping in, and no grown-up responsibilities. :)

We are about to celebrate our 10-year "anniversary" of our first date and what better way to celebrate than going on a 6-day vacation to the Phoenician Spa Resort nestled in the beautiful mountains of Scottsdale, Arizona!!! It is right by Phoenix and a few hours from the Grand Canyon, which we hope to visit while we're there. Marc was inspired by our days of watching our "Newlyweds" DVD box set over and over again so that we could see that one episode when Nick & Jess went to Scottsdale with their best friends and stayed at this gorgeous relaxing spa & golf resort. The friends had a baby boy named "Mason." That is where we got the idea to name our first child after Marc's grandfather and to visit a resort just like that someday! But how ironic that we'll be visiting that resort without our Mason! We are soooo excited, well not the without Mason part, but the resort part! It's like it's own fantasy world with lots of pools, restaurants, golf courses, etc. Visit to get the scoop. There is this wonderful fancy schmancy world-renowned spa, but it costs $550 for a couples massage, so I don't think we'll be doing that. :) Thank you. I'll be just fine laying by the pool all day and Marc will spend lots of time with his 2nd girlfriend: golf. We get a complimentary breakfast every morning and they're going to upgrade our room for free! It's going to be so relaxing, just what we need right now with everything going on around us. We found the best deal at that includes the resort, our flights, and rental car.

Aww, doesn't this look like paradise to you? Now I just hope we can get there and enjoy it without being sick to our stomachs longing for our baby boy! Any advice for the first-vacation-away-from baby jitters? I know, I know, here I am worrying about going on a romantic getaway with my husband to a 5-star resort in the middle of the gorgeous mountains! I must be crazy! :)


andreabrosto said...

Awesome! That is going to be the MOST fun ever! The resort looks beautiful!

The Kinards said...

I'm so jealous!! Eric and I are just going to go for 2 nights to Hilton Head in July before he deploys. I am nervous about leaving Marissa too b/c I am still nursing her!!!!! I am sure she will be fine, but it us that worry so much! Have deserve it!

Blessed said...

OH MY! It's even more exciting than I was thinking! I have never been to AZ. It looks just amazing!

No tips on leaving the wee one at home. We haven't done that yet. We WANT to, it just hasn't happened. I'm jealous! I know you will LOVE it once you get there though.

Journey said...

oh my goodness, you go girl! I love, love, love Arizona. My family and I are going back there this fall- my parents go often. We stayed once in a resort like this in Sedona, and it's one of my favorite vacation places EVER. I'm so excited y'all are taking that time off to do something like this. You guys deserve it! And go see the Grand Canyon- it is so beautiful and I want to go back again one day. You can't be that close and miss it! Love you guys!

(Oh, I'll be home the first part of July if you guys are around then). Blessings! ---Beth

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