Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lots Goin' On!

So, LOTS of countdowns are on! Just TWO days until Marc's & my vacation to Arizona, and 18 days until the fully-loaded moving truck is taking us up I-65 to our new home in Bowling Green! Marc finished residency this past Tuesday and we've been trying to pack everything in since then. We went to Madisonville, KY for a couple of days to visit with his family, rested at home yesterday, and then were surprised by our best friends with a going-away party last night! We were completely blown away. They put together this scrapbook of beautiful letters from everyone, and it was just way too much! Thanks, Beth H., and your momma for putting it all together! We will treasure it always! Pictures to come at a much later post. :)

Now we're waiting for our friends to come over in a couple of hours for us to cook-out and play in our new "kiddie" pool, and then head downtown tonight for the Nashville fireworks. Tomorrow we're going to church and then will be packing all day for our trip and loving on sweet baby boy before leaving him for 6 days. :( My parents will be staying at our house taking care of him, so we know he'll be in wonderful hands.

Here are some pics of our latest adventures (in no particular order):
Mason hangin' with his Nana Kay... Aww, we're sure gonna miss my parents living so close by! :(

Poor thang... He was so worn out after church one day that he was sound asleep on the changing table!

His favorite thing these days is playing with any ball he can get his hands on!!! He lifts it up over his head and throws it with all his might!

Practicing his walking skills with daddy

Billy, Danyelle, and Baby Audrey came for a visit a couple of weekends ago... Here we are after church at one of our fave places to eat with them... Vittles!

Fireworks & Homemade at our church; Harpeth Hills Church of Christ... I love this pic of Andrea and me with our sweet boys!!

Of course he's more interested in the football than anything else!

Mason has the funniest reaction to fireworks... He never smiles or laughs, just completely serious the entire time looking at them like he's trying to figure out what in the world is wrong with the sky! He just kinda gave up this night and clung onto his daddy and tried to go night-night. Thank you.

Two of the best daddies in the entire world!!

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