Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We're getting old!!

So, this is the year that we're all turning the big 3-0!!! Soooo many of my friends have already reached that big "milestone" this year, but mine is quickly approaching, May 10th!! Two of my best friends', Carrie & Danyelle, both celebrated in February, and Andrea just had her b-day Friday, April 24th. I wish we could celebrate each and every one of our birthdays, but so far the only one we've really gotten to be together for was Seth's. He and Carrie were in town from Memphis the weekend before his birthday (April 13) so we got to all get together at Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. Eric & Kaylea were also were from NC (this was all Easter weekend, which I blogged about earlier) so we were so excited to celebrate their pregnancy with TWINS, as well!! Here are some pictures from our fun night. I know we're all so sad when these nights end and wish we could have them every single weekend!!

We were singing our hearts out... "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Seee-ethhh, happy birthday to you!!"
Oh my, check out my husband! He was really into it!

Brooke & me :)
Andrea, Carrie, & Kaylea
Even Mason got to eat some yummy food.... BREAD!!! What we all rush to the Cheesecake Factory to order! :)
World's best daddy!
Hmm.... Watch out when you hand your kid to Uncle Johnathan! He will let them play with a fork!!! Cory looks on in disbelief... as he tightly holds onto Luke!
The boys chillin'
Brooke and I LOVE our Banana Cream Cheesecake! We get it everytime! And NO sharing on this one, we have to each have our OWN piece, so don't even try to steal a bite!
Serious conversation with Auntie Brooke

Lovin' on sweet Luke... he's getting to be such a big boy!
Carrie & me

I love these girls!!!
Andrea, Carrie, me, Kaylea, Brooke


andreabrosto said...

I'm lovin the commentary about each picture. And I don't think any of (well, except marc and the waitress) were even singing to poor Seth. We were too busy trying to take pictures!
You need to post the picture that Carrie took of Mason where he was mad at her--it's hilarious!!

Blessed said...

I am laughing at what Andrea said. I was trying to get my camera to work, then the card was full, and I didn't get a picture or get to sing to Seth! Man, that moment just passed me by. I am so glad you took a picture. I am stealing it.

It was a wonderful night. I wish we could do it all the time too. It does make it so special when we are able to ALL get together. I love yall!

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