Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Big 11 Month Old!

Mason turned 11 months old on Saturday, April 11th! We couldn't believe when that day arrived, and now here we are about to celebrate his first birthday and I haven't even posted the 11-month one! See, new mommies, how fast each month FLIES!?!?!? So, my advice, is every time your baby does something new or reaches some milestone, RECORD, RECORD, RECORD!! If you don't write it all down then you will forget! I was trying to tell someone when Mason started crawling and I couldn't even remember when it was! What?!?!! And it has just been a few weeks before they asked! Andrea was asking me when we started increasing how many ounces of milk Mason drinks so she could figure out when they should increase Luke's, and I had to consult Mason's baby book just to find out the answer. I'm so thankful for this book and I would have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself the way I've kept it up-to-date. You just have to make yourself sit down and do it so you don't forget one precious moment! Well, and it's soooo fun to do, so it's not like a boring chore! Now, who knows when it will have pictures all attached and cute little scrap-booky items, but at least there will be lots of pen throughout of the novels I'm writing! :)

All about my 11-month old baby, as narrated by Mason Thomas:

- I go to bed earlier now. No more staying up til 10:30 for me! I go sleepy around 9:45 pm and sleep until 8 am. Daddy rocks me sometimes. Mommy is rocking me more and more. She didn't do this when I was really little cuz she didn't want to spoil me, but now she realizes I'm getting bigger and older and wants to cuddle with me as much as she can. They push play on the CD player to turn on my favorite "Veggie Tales" cd and turn the fan & light on in the bathroom. Mommy still says the same prayer she has said every night of my life. I lay on my belly in the crib and stick my bottom up in the air. Mommy pats my bottom as she prays. I love all those things!

- I fight my naps now. I take one nap in the afternoon for about an hour and a half or so. Mommy wishes I would take two. When we are out and about though, I love to sleep in my car seat, and have no problem doing that! Mommy has a hard time getting as much stuff done during the day now because I am so full of energy! I always want to play and be entertained. My mommy says, "Oh the joys of having a little boy! :)"

- Once I started crawling at 9 months old, Mommy & Daddy cannot keep up with me! They always tell me "No!" because I am getting into stuff, especially the CD player in my room and the VCR and Daddy's box set of "Scrubs" in the living room.
- I stood up for the first time at my Uncle Mark's 50th birthday party Feb. 28. I will pull up on something and stand there, but no real cruising just yet. Poppa Jack likes to practice my walking skills with me, but I don't think I'm ready to do that just yet. Mommy says she is so glad! Every morning when I wake up, I stand right up in my crib and shake it violently.

- I eat table food like a pro! I can now pick up small bites of food with my thumb and pointer finger. I ate my first real banana on April 14, and green beans & carrots a few days later. Every time we go to a restaurant, Mommy takes in my little Safety First chair, ties it onto the big boy chair in te restaurant, and I have my own little seat & tray! Daddy puts pieces of bread on it for me to eat and is trying to teach me how to sip out of a straw. My new favorite thing is eating waffles at Waffle House with Poppa Jack & Nana Kay.

- I LOVE Little Puffs and eat a lot of them during church to keep my quiet! I eat them throughout the day, too, when Mommy needs me to be quiet.

- Mommy still nurses me about 3 times a day; in the morning when I first wake up, in the afternoon, and just before I go to bed. I am so cute when I nurse. I also take about one 8 oz. bottle of formula a day, usually when we're out running errands or Daddy is holding me, or Nana Kay or Poppa Jack are baby-sitting me. I am still on Nutramigen, a special lactose-free milk since I am allergic to cow-based milk.
- LOVE baby food! Especially ALL fruits, sweet potatoes, carrots, and something called "Hawaiian Delight." Mommy & Daddy have no idea what this is, but say that it smells really yummy! I do not at all like green beans or turkey & rice. I am allergic to baby food with cheese and tomato paste in it. I eat 2 meals of baby food a day; 2 jars at lunch and 2 jars at dinner. I get it all over my face.

- I woke up Friday, April 15th with my 5th tooth... my third bottom one. I have been shoving my fingers all the way down my throat almost, so Mommy knew another tooth was coming!
- No new baby babbles this month. I am still stuck on "da-da." Sometimes I say "Ah-gee" and make sweet noises when people talk to me, like I'm answering their questions. Mommy says I go on and on in my own little language and every now and then bust out some some sound that really sounds like a crystal clear word. Everyone laughs so hard!

- I can pick up the ball and throw it into the little basketball goal Mommy got me at the Encores & More consignment sale. It cheers for me every time I make a point. I get so excited. I also pick up other toys and throw in the basket. Everyone says I'm going to be a basketball player just like my Daddy since I'm so tall and active.
- I love playing with my Daddy! My favorite time of the day is when he gets home from work. We have so much fun! He talks to me in fun little voices and calls me "May-May Moore." He has to study a lot, so I sit like a good boy and read with him and do research on his laptop. He also lets me crinkle up all his paper and tear up Mommy's magazines. She doesn't get mad, though.

- I LOVE my big boy bucket seat class at church! My teachers have a nickname for me: "Happy." I never get upset when Mommy leaves to go to her own class and I have so much fun until it's time to go. I do like to grab everyone else's toys though and flail my arms wildly, almost hitting my neighbors in their face.
-I love outings with my best friend, Baby Luke! Now that he is big enough to go out, he and Auntie Andrea come over all the time. The 4 of us pile up into one of our cars and we go to lunch, to the park, shopping, and to run random errands. I love having a little friend next to me in the back seat. We have the most people stop and talk to us while we're out and about. We're 2 boys up to no good!

- I give kisses! I shared my first kiss with my mommy about a week before my 11-month b-day. I grabbed her face with both hands, pulled it toward me, and plopped a wide-open mouth kiss right on her! She was so excited to show it to daddy!

- I cannot stand wearing sunglasses or something on my head! Whenever Mommy puts sunglasses on me, I yank them off as quickly as I can. I get so mad. She has these silly little hats she wants me to wear with some of my church outfits, but they aggravate me. I make a big ugly face and throw that hats across the room.

- I have a huge, hyperactive personality! I laugh all the time and am so silly. I also let out random screams, usually at the inappropriate time, like at the end of the church service. I love for anyone to hold me. I like to be out and about and to look at things. I am always a good boy when we're out, but Mommy says I'm getting to be more of a "challenge" when it's just me and her at home during the day.

Look out world, Mason Thomas is about to be ONE YEAR OLD!!!! I can't believe that post is almost here!


The Kinards said...

Doesn't it just make you want to cry?!! I can't believe our year mark is approaching in June. You did such a great job telling Mason's story!! Now I am off to update Marissa's baby book. I used to be an avid scrapbook, but I am so overwhelmed by the thousands of photos that I can't do a scrapbook yet. I have done her baby book with one photo a month and journaling. I guess that is better than nothing. I may do a picture slideshow....Good job and happy 11 months Mason!

andreabrosto said...

Ahhhh. I love little may may! I can't believe he's such a big boy now either! Luke loves his best friend too--he just doesn't know it yet!
I love the picture of the future president! How did you get him to look like he's standing up? That's frame-worthy!! Oh and the posed picture of Marc changing the dirty diaper is too funny too!

Blessed said...

He is just getting too big. And, so so cute! I think he looks a lot like you in some of the new pictures.

I think the second year flies by even faster than the first!! It's just crazy! I know you are enjoying every second.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Mason you're the best writer ever =). Glad you and your mamma are enjoying all those precious milestones. You're just a precious little guy!

Petty Family said...

He is so precious. Love the pics. Rock him every chance you get.

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