Monday, April 20, 2009

We hope y'all had a blessed Easter!

Easter is still a' goin' in this household!! :) Mason and I just got home from the Easter Egg Hunt we do with the Inner-City Ministry at church every year. It was Mason's first egg hunt experience since we really didn't do any "Eastery" stuff with him this year. I know, I'm a mean mommy for not having him some cute monogrammed Easter basket filled with goodies! Don't worry, we'll make up for it next year!

Last Saturday, the day before Easter, Mason got a surprise visit from his Great-MaMaw Myers (my grandmother) who came to bring him an Easter treat of a chocolate bunny (which his mommy & daddy enjoyed very much!), a little Ronald McDonald toy, and a sweet card. He showed off his "almost walking" skills for her and got some kisses. Mason got a total of 6 Easter cards this year from his grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-aunts! They're lining our hutch! Oh, and some of them even had some money enclosed! But please tell Marc to stop trying to spend Mason's money! Ha ha! :)

On Easter Sunday we dressed Mason in his cute little Easter bunny jon jon from the Encores & More consignment sale and were off to church. He was so good in church and we didn't even have to take him out! We keep saying each week that we're gonna start putting him in the nursery during the service, but each week he stays perched up on our laps eating Little Puffs in the middle of the service! We just can't do it yet. He loves listening to the sermon and checking out everyone. In Sunday School, Mason helped me pass out the little chickens & eggs that his Grandy C (Marc's mom) knitted for all the babies in the class. They're so cute!!! She does it every year for the Inner-City Ministry kids, but this Easter she had her first little grandson to make them for as well! :) After church, we took some pictures outside in front of the church building, along with Andrea, Cory, and Baby Luke, then Mason and I were off to Whispering Hills Church of the Nazarene to join my parents for church. It was such a wonderful, uplifting service! I'm so glad we were able to go to both of these wonderful churches on Easter Sunday. Mason got to see his Nana Kay, Poppa Jack, Great-Aunt Linzett, Great-Uncle Steve, Pastor Todd, and all of his other friends at Whispering Hills. And he got to show off a bit, what he does best. :) After church we went back home where Marc was hanging out with our friends Eric & Kaylea who were in town visiting from North Carolina. We just spent the afternoon catching up with them, relaxing in our t-shirts and pajama pants, and eating Corky's BBQ.

I'll post some pics later of our fun egg hut tonight!

Mason and Preacher Chris!

My sweet boy lovin' the sweet chickens his Grandy C handmade

We peeked in the nursery to see Baby Luke! This was just his 2nd time to be in there, and last week Andrea was paged about 5 minutes into it for her to come and get him! It was hilarious! He wanted his mommy.

At my parents' church... Easter has always been such a special day to my family

Hangin' out with Poppa Jack in the lobby after church

We perched him up on the stage next to all the lillies for a photoshoot. He was LOVING it!! Mostly because he had the attention of every single person in the room!

Playing with his friend, Ana. She is Christy's daughter, one of my best friends growing up. Christy's dad is the preacher of Whispering Hills. We love Pastor Todd!

About to lay one on Ana. Mason gives the sweetest kisses now! They're only really supposed to be for Mommy & Daddy, though. :)

Mason with his Auntie Kaylea & Uncle Eric... Eric is one of Marc's best friends from Lipscomb. We hauled Mason up to their wedding in North Carolina when he was just four months old! They're expecting twins at the end of the summer! We're soooo excited for them!

I am so thankful for Easter! Our God is SO great!!


andreabrosto said...

Those are good family pics with your parents! And Ana looks just like Christy in those pictures! Oh, I really like the ones of Mason sitting in the chair with Papa Jack looking at him. He looks like such a big boy!
Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures! Glad you got the computer fixed!

Tamara said...

AWW! So sweet!!! The handmade hens were a HIT!

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