Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mason's First Basketball Game

Back in March we had our annual "Grudge Match" at church. It's where the "old men" play the "youngins'" in some ball. Marc always participates as one of the "old men". Ha ha! Mason sat on the sidelines with me and our friends and helped cheer his daddy on. His little eyes were huge the entire time and he was trying to figure out why his daddy and all these boys kept running up and down the court. Since the "big game", we have been working on Mason's "baller skills" at home with this little basketball goal thang I got him at a consignment sale and he's getting better and better! He really knows how to put the little ball in the basket and then he looks at us with this huge grin on his face like he's so proud of himself! He's gonna grow up and be Daddy's little athlete! Oh, and today Marc and our good friend, Eric Yarbrough, introduced Mason to a golf club! Oh gosh, it's downhill from here!

Our preacher, Chris Smith... He is always one of Marc's teammates on the "old folks" team! :)

Hanging out with our friends Hyatt & Jodi Sutton during the game... Mason was having too much fun with his Auntie Jodi!!
Mason with Hyatt & Jodi, and Megan Thompson
Go, Daddy!! Way to make that free throw!!
Taking a break to love on his boy... Mason doesn't mind a sweaty daddy at all!
The girls & Mason... Melissa is giving birth to Mason's girlfriend in May! We already love sweet Madilea!
Mason & Uncle Will (our good friend Will Logue)
Wait, is it even okay for Marc to put the smack down on a youth group kid!??!?! He was like 10!!!! Thank you.
Mason loves #34!!

Melissa, Mason & his friend, Brooklyn Jent, seriously watching the game while the men were yacking
So sad the big game is over and we're the only ones left in the gym!
After watching Daddy play ball, Mason is determined to be just like him!

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