Sunday, April 12, 2009

Celebrating 6 Years!!

Marc and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on March 8th. We decided to take a stroll through Memory Lane and celebrate it at the place where we spent the first day we met AND where Marc asked me to marry him. We weren't ready yet to leave Mason, so he took him along with us. Our first family mini-vacation. :) Lake Barkley is about an hour and 45 minutes away near Cadiz & Eddyville, KY. Marc's best friend, John Burgess, has taken our group of friends out on his boat there for many summers and his parents live in a beautiful house right on the lake. We have passed the Lake Barkley Lodge millions of times as we're out of the boat and the Summer of 2000 we had to dock our boat in front of it and I had to be carried up the steps and placed into an ambulance. Thank you. Patrick Sullivan & Marc carried me up those steps and became my heroes that 4th of July. :) LONG story, but I became dehydrated from drinking way too many Dr. Peppers and passed out while we were watching the fireworks on the boat that night. We all definitely learned our lesson that day and every boat trip since we have loaded up with PLENTY of bottled waters. :) There is also a historic restaurant there called Patti's 1880's Settlement House where I've always wanted to eat. So, I got to stay in the lodge AND eat at Patti's for my 6th anniversary! We had a wonderful weekend, just the 3 of us. Since it was cold, we didn't really walk around and do all the lake stuff, so we took advantage of the indoor pool and the yummy breakfast buffet. :) Mason LOVED the pool and we made up some new games to play with him since he didn't have his handy dandy float that we took with us to Destin last fall. His new favorite game "Go Mommy, Go Daddy" was the highlight of our trip. :)

We really didn't want to leave our little weekend retreat to come back to the real world, but I know we'll be blessed with MANY more wonderful anniversaries!! I wish I had our old-school pics dowloaded onto the computer, but since that was pre-technology age (ha ha!) I don't really have many to share with you. I do have some I scanned when I was making a slideshow for John & Jamie's wedding, so I'll add some of those. Marc and I have had 10 amazing years together full of sooooo many fun, crazy adventures and a million and one photographs. I love looking back at them to see how much we've changed and grown and how different things are today from those naive, stress-free days hanging out at the pool with all of our friends every single day at Gazebo Apartments. Of course, we wouldn't trade the lives we lead today for ANYTHING in the world!! We are right where we want to be with our beautiful Mason Thomas!
December 31, 1999 at my parents' house... Marc's & my first New Year's Eve together! Marc, me, John Burgess, Paula Meenen Huston (one of my best friends from jr. high), Andrea, Erin Staal, and Jonathan (Marc's brother)
July 4th, 2000, right before I was rushed to the ER.... our nice, relaxing boat ride out to where we dock to watch the fireworks... John Burgess, Johnathan Akin, Patrick Sullivan, and Marc
Just the guys and me in July 2001.... Jonathan (Marc's brother, me, Marc, & John Burgess)
The night we got engaged... Monday, September 4, 2002. The 3 Amigos contemplating what had just happened... Marc with his brother, Jonathan, and their lifelong friend who's like a brother, John Burgess
Our friends who celebrated with us that night... Jana Hargis, Jonathan (Marc's bro), Andrea, me, Marc, Jennifer Rogers Campbell, and John. Johnathan & Brooke Akin and Beth Herndon were there as well, but had to leave to head back to Nashville. Eatin' at Echo Charley's... Marc had planned it for my parents to come and surprise me and for his parents to be there as well. His parents didn't know we were getting engaged, though, so they were in complete shock. It's a funny and long story, but Connie thought Marc got her there so that we could have a surprise birthday party for her!
One of our many lake trips with the gang... This was taken the Summer of '03, right after Marc and I got married

July 2005... dinner at Echo Charley's (our usual place!) after a long day out on the lake

Okay, back to the present... Our little miracle Mason Thomas on his Grandy C's lap. We stopped in Madisonville to spend the night with Marc's parents on the way to Lake Barkley to celebrate our anniversary

Exhausted already, and it was just on the drive TO Lake Barkley!
Finally arrived at Patti's Restaurant... Mason checking out these very interesting-looking animals

Eating our yummy peach pie a la mode... the best part of the dinner!

On the deck of our room at the lodge... We had a beautiful view, but this picture doesn't do it justice!

Mason struggling to stay awake! He looks like a little eskimo here. He can't even move for all the layers we dressed him in!

I was entertaining myself with the fact that when I took Mason's socks and shoes off, they stayed in this form! I thought it was the funniest thang I had ever seen, but Marc wasn't as amused.
Mason looked thrilled about the idea of pool time! I promise, he definitely warmed up to it! It was just the "putting swim trunks on" part that he didn't like.
Sweet boy playing in the "crib" the lodge provided while Mommy & Daddy were getting ready for the pool Hmm... I don't know about this situation! I gotta check it out and then make my decision!

Oh, I think I love it! I don't even remember why I had concerns about this pool thang! It's soooo fun!

We definitely have a little water baby on our hands! I mean, he was not even scared for one second! He definitely didn't get that from his momma.

Marc's favorite part of the weekend...His baby sleeping on his chest! Mason NEVER sleeps with us at home, but he was soooo sleepy from his night of swimming that he fell asleep with Daddy in no time.
The famous steps I was carried up that crazy 4th of July day... Wow, looking back on it I realize how tired these boys must have been by time they got to the top with this passed out, sunburnt girl in their arms! Marc becomes a hero once again! What is it with the lodge & stairs!?!?! The elevator happened to not be working while we were there so Marc had to just pick up the stroller and carry Mason up the stairs to eat our breakfast!

No, we did not plan to wear as many different patterns of stripes that we could find that day! We just kinda threw on whatever cuz it was early and we were tired and cold.
Mason loved being outside walking up and down the dock. He had never seen a lake before so he was in awe.

Look at my silly boys!! What are these faces they're making??? And who is that baby?!?!
Back at home... Mason helping me unpack

It's always fun to find out what we're doing each year to celebrate our anniversary. Last year we were decorating our nursery and spending a few days in Gatlinburg for our "babymoon", and this year we were taking our son to a place that is very special to us, eating 2" porkchops at Patti's, and playing pool games. Hmm....I wonder what it will be next year??

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