Sunday, April 12, 2009

Random March Pictures

Now that I can crawl, Momma can't take her eyes off me for a second! I am into EVERYTHING! I especially love to crawl over to this table and try to pull the coasters off! I'm such a stink pot, my Daddy says.

Naptime with my Nana
MOOOMMM!!! Please don't make me wear these! I'm embarrassed!

Get 'em off me!

Poppa Jack feeding me

Yum! Carrots are my favorite vegetable.
Aunt Christy & Uncle Jody came over on St. Patrick's Day to play with me
Aunt Christy, please give me a cousin to play with! It would definitely make Christmases much more fun!
I've discovered that I can use my bumper as a pillow! So comfy! I also don't really like wearing socks and always manage to pull them off. I like to hold them in my fingers and crinkle them.
Mom, my new pajama & matching hat outfit is so silly!

Lunch at the Catfish House with Grandy C & Paw T

I am still loving the church nursery! Well, I actually graduated out of it and have been in the big boy bucket seat class for several months now, but this one day Mommy & Daddy had to keep nursery during the church service, so I helped!
Daddy's job was to take care of this little tiny baby. He gave her her bottle and then puked ALL over him! Not even kidding!


The Cherry Tree 123 said...

I love those cow p.j.s! How was your trip?

andreabrosto said...

I love the pic of Mason resting his head on his bumper. That's too cute! And I like the action shots of Mason pulling off those sunglasses! We need to borrow them for Luke.
Glad you updated the blog--I was ready for some new pics!!

Kim said...

I've loved catching up on all of your posts. You have one beautiful baby boy!

Blessed said...

Cute pictures! I was going to say I love the bumper picture too. Precious.

It was so fun to see yall. Mason is just getting so big! He is such a cutie!

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