Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Visit with MaMaw Thomas!

This past Saturday my parents, Mason, and I took our 2nd little road trip up to Sparta & Cookeville, TN to visit my grandmother in the nursing home (Nola) and my Aunt Bea & Uncle Everett. Mason met his great-grandmother for the first time back in July, but both he and MaMaw were kinda grumpy that day. This time, though, she was back to her happy, silly self and Mason was in the best mood!! He just seemed so in awe of his great-MaMaw! Of course, the pictures kept a flashing because we wanted to catch all these sweet moments between MaMaw & Mason. I just love these pictures! I'm just still so thankful each and every day that Mason has been able to meet her. She is 94 years old and it is a blessing that she is still on earth with us to meet my precious son! This is a huge answer to a prayer I've been praying a long time!

My mom loves the infamous hand shots!!

Mason was getting kinda mad here... I don't know why, he usually loves kisses from the women!

Okay, this one is hilarious. This was from the end of the photoshoot and I think he had had about enough! You can see his tonsils almost!! :)

I cannot get over how much lighter his hair has gotten since he has been born! It's very light blonde now, but it looks like in this pic that the hair is just missing!

I love the look on Mason's face as he's studying his great-MaMaw

Oh, time for a snack! The nurse snuck this vanilla ice cream into the room, cuz MaMaw isn't really supposed to have sweets. It made her the most happy, though, and all rejuvenated ready to take more pictures & hang out with Mason!

He loves to stretch!! He is just a growin'!

This one is probably my favorite of the day! It's like he wants his great-MaMaw to take him!! "Please hold me!!" Mason doesn't even reach for people yet, but Marc is anxiously awaiting that day! :)

MaMaw kept saying, "Look at that pretty little boy!"

Look at his cute little grin!

Oh gosh, Mason discovered the tv!!! His new favorite, but horrible, hobby!! I know, we're terrible for allowing him to watch it! Especially some random Eddie Murphy movie. Thank you. This man was obsessed with the tv and everytime he would leave the room we would try and turn it off cuz it was the loudest. Well, he would roll himself right back in that room and almost cuss us out! Thank you. So, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!! That's Mason's & Poppa Jack's new motto!!

But did that man even know he had 2 new friends? He was not paying us any attention.

All tuckered out at Uncle Everett & Aunt Bea's. We set Mason up shop with all of his favorite things and just let him have some relaxing time. He loved every moment of it!! He really does love just hanging out on the floor at home.

Mason is so content with his Uncle Everett. He was a little fussy, but calmed right now the second he was in my uncle's arms!

Good night, sweet boy!! Oh, but you gotta wake up soon cuz we have an hour and a half drive back home!!

Once again, another day filled with abundant blessings!! I will never, ever forget these special times we have with our families. Mason spent today with his other great-MaMaw! She came over to be with him for a little while so that I could get some stuff done around the house. It helped me sooooo much! More pics to come! :)


Blessed said...

Cute pics. I love the one of Mason with his mouth wide open. He was DONE with that photo shoot. He is just growing too fast!!!

Kim said...

I love the pictures of Mason with MaMaw Thomas! Priceless.
What a good example in response to that man's anger to just join 'em! Mason seemed content and it was sweet of your Dad!
What a beautiful little boy-you and Marc hit the jackpot!

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