Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mason Thomas... my gift from above!!!

I was just sitting here thinking... Wow, my Mason Thomas is going to be 4 MONTHS old TOMORROW!!! That is just crazy. He is SUCH a big boy with his long little legs! He is now wearing PANTS so that makes it seems as if he really is old! He is going to get his 4-month shots this week, so it'll be interesting to see if his reaction to these are any different than his reaction at 2 months. He has been sleeping 12 hours pretty consistently lately, with a 2-hour nap in the mornings and not really one in the afternoon!! He is just so excited to see his daddy walk through those doors at the end of each day, that he can't seem to settle down and take a real afternoon nap. It lasts all of 30 minutes!! Silly boy! Is this normal for 4-month olds? I wanna hear stories!!

Mason is upstairs sleeping soundly as I write this and I just wanna pic him up and hold him all night!! I just look at that sweet, innocent face and it reminds me what really is important in life. All those piddly things seem to not matter anymore!!

I have LOTS of new stories and pics to post, so be looking for new posts soon! I've been wanting to do a shout-out post for forever now of the friends and family who have been visiting Mason this summer. So many people have come out of the woodworks to show their love for us and to meet this precious miracle, and I want to say thank you in a small way. :) (even though that doesn't even BEGIN to touch my love & appreciation for these people!)


Kim said...

He sure is!
And, no, in my experience it isn't common for a 4 month old to miss his afternoon nap-bless his heart, he doesn't want to miss anything!!
What a sweet pea!

Shane, Nat, and Maddie said...

Mason is just wanting to take it all in...Can't miss a minute..He is so beautiful!

Blessed said...

He's so sweet. I hope to see him again soon!!

I can't help you with the nap thing. I always just took what I could get! ;)

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