Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hey y'all!! It's 12:30 am as I write this and my parents and Marc's parents should be pulling up at our house at 6 am ready to load up the car of our one million items!!! We're off for a long overdue beach trip to Destin and I CANNOT WAIT!! Please say prayers for us as we travel and that everyone stays healthy while we're there. I was hoping to get several new posts done before we left since lots of things have been happening around here, but didn't get to. There's been so much to do to get ready for this trip!

I won't be on the computer while I'm gone... a nice break from technology is needed! So, you won't be hearing from me for a while, but a fun Destin post should be on this thang in a couple of weeks. :)

Have a wonderful week, my blogging friends!! I'll be laying on the beach and playing in the sand with my 4-month old, amazing husband, and two sets of very proud grandparents!! Anyone jealous?? Hee hee!!

Love you all!


Blessed said...

Me! I'm jealous! But, excited for you. I hope you eat lots of yummy seafood, relax, and have fun watching Mason at the beach! Enjoy him lying there. Next year, he will be RUNNING away from you on the beach. Well, that's been my experience. But, that's fun too. It's all fun!

Love you.

Blessed said...

OK, now I want pictures! :)

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