Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Big Week for Milestones!

Mason had his 4-month check-up & shots on Monday, Sept. 15th. Poppa Jack once again went with us so he could help me with Mason during the shots. The boy needs a LOT of distraction! This time, instead of a solar system theme, the room had a barn theme, something that Mason definitely is used to! He LOVES looking at books and toys having to do with farm animals and barns. So, as we waited for the doctor to come in, Poppa Jack walked around the room with him to show him all the fun animals on the wall. We had good news from Dr. Hain; Mason is healthy and is growing longer and longer! She said he is super strong! He is doing all the things a 4-month old should be doing; holding his head up nice and strong, following people with his eyes, rolling over and being able to roll himself back over, breastfeeding well, and sleeping through the night. However, that's where our little problem comes in! Because Mason loves to sleep so much, and loves to sleep IN, he's missing that one extra feeding during the early morning hours that he is needing to help him really be at the weight he should be at right now. He has been sleeping at least 8 hrs. a night since 8 weeks old, but sometimes sleeps up to 13 hours. Dr. Hain says that would be great if Mason were at a higher percentile in his weight, but I should get him up after 8 hours to feed him and then put him back to sleep if he still wants to sleep.

So, are y'all ready for this?

Weight: 11 pounds, 12 ounces... THIRD percentile!!
Height: 25 1/4 inches... SEVENTY FIFTH percentile!!

What in the world?!?! How have I managed that? We are bringing up a super skinny and super tall son!! Maybe he'll be a basketball player? Thank you. I asked the nurse, "THIRD, as in THREE??" I just didn't expect it to be that low. Some of our family members (if we were betting peeps!) were saying he was probably over 12 pounds by now, so I was really shocked when the scale just read 11 lbs, 12 oz. Dr. Hain is not worried, though. She said Mason is still perfectly healthy, but those long stretches of sleep he is getting during the night is keeping him from eating as much as other babies his age who don't sleep as long during the night.

The shots went okay. About the same as the 2-month shots. This time I was brave enough to hold him down on my own instead of my dad having to do it. Mason would take a "break" between each shot (there were 3 of them) and be okay for a second and would just chill, but then the second the next shot was administered he would scream bloody murder again. It was torture over and over! Poor little thang. He was okay though as soon as Dr. Hain gave him a lollipop and set us on our way. Just kiddin'. No sucker yet. He did look so sad though and his face was all red and his eyes were bloodshot. As soon as we got in the car he went fast asleep. You could tell he didn't feel good the whole rest of the day and just wanted to be with his momma. I just held him and listened to his sweet little whimpers. When Daddy got him, I passed Mason off to him so Mason could also be loved on by Daddy. I was so glad Marc got home from work early that day cuz his son really needed him! We're just blessed that Mason doesn't have a serious reaction to these shots and that we don't even have to give him Tylenol or anything. All he needs is some TLC and he's good to go! :)

Here are some pics of Mason's dramatic day:

Happy as a bug in a rug while sitting in the waiting room playing with Poppa Jack... He had NO idea what he was in for!

He's getting "the face" like he knows that something isn't quite right... Why am I in this strange place and what's about to happen to me??!!!?

Getting measured by the nurse. Mason doesn't mind this part. He just sucks on his hands and stares at himself in the mirror and just chills out half- naked!

It's almost weigh-in time!! Poppa Jack gently placing Mason in the little scale...

I love this one! You can see the weight on the scale! Good idea, nurse, for this picture! I wouldn't have even thought of this idea!

Momma just as proud of her long, skinny boy!! Who cares if he's not as chubby and round as all of his little friends!??!! By kindergarten they'll all be the same! :)

Hangin' out and waiting for Dr. Hain to come in... He was in the best little mood. Of course this was BEFORE shot time!

I love this moment my dad caught of me admiring my sweet little boy!

Dr. Hain was impressed by Masons' strong neck "turtle" skills!! He was showing off! :)

"Poppa Jack study the wallpaper border" time... This has kinda become our little tradition at these dr. appts... My dad walks around the room with Mason in the most serious discussions about the theme of the wallpaper. Thank you.

It's SHOT TIME!! I busted out his Soothie from his newborn days that I save just for times such as these!

He was doing sooo good! I was trying my best to console him!

As soon as he would catch a break in between shots, here would come another one! He couldn't get his breath.

All done, sweet boy!

You can tell that the tears are already dying down some!
Poppa Jack's got you, Mason! Dry those eyes!

Oh okay, we're okay! All ready now for the ride home with our generic band-aids! I couldn't even figure out what the theme of them were this time. Just a bunch of random objects on a band-aid!

Thank you, Poppa Jack, once again for accompanying us to the pediatrician's office! Wow, I cannot believe the next visit will be for Mason's SIX-MONTH check-up!! That is just crazy!!

Another post in the works for big events in Mason's life this week!! :)


Anonymous said...

As another mommy of a baby that couldn't get any weight on them I will tell you it can be very normal. Much of the time Presley didn't even make it on the charts and was labeled as failure to thrive for over a year. Not saying don't do what the doctor said just trying to ease any worries you may have.


April Kay said...

Girl, thanks for the encouragement! I had no idea about Presley!! All my friends with little babies seem to have those chubby babies with the big red cheeks! I don't know any other slender Masons... What did you do to try to put some weight on her?

Anonymous said...

I really didn't change anything. I had a happy child that was meeting all of her milestones. The dr ran some testing (for CF and celiac disease) to ease her own worries.
There was about a 3 month period in her first year of life that she not only did not gain any weight she lost some. But she continued to be a good eater, met her milestones, and was a very happy child. I guess I had my mother's experience to work with because I didn't even double my birthweight at a year old and had many of the same tests run on me. Your child will let you know if something is not right. Again I think staying in close contact with your dr about it is a good idea but if there is no other problem other than small in size you probably just have a small little man.
I grew out of my smallness! :)


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