Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mason's First Shots - back at 2 months!

I just realized I never posted pics of Mason's 2-month shots that he had July 11th. I meant to that very day, but never got around to it! My dad went with me and I'm soooo glad cuz I needed all the help I could get in holding down his sweet little legs! It sure broke my heart! I'm sure all you mommies out there know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!! That nurse just shoved those shots into his legs like he wasn't even just 8 weeks old!?!?!? He did one of those screams that doesn't come til 20 seconds after the mouth is wide open. Thank you. And that's not typical for Mason. For those of you who have been around him often, he doesn't really cry very loudly... just this quite little sweet whimper. (Well, until he's around just his mommy & daddy and that's when the real tears come... when he's hungry!) But, Mason just cried for a couple of minutes then was fine. He fell fast asleep the second we put him in the car and he slept all the way home. I didn't even have to give him Tylenol or anything for the rest of the day. He just slept and chilled. Not a big deal! I was really afraid he would have one of these crazy reactions that I kept hearing about, but nothing.
So, another two months have passed and it's time for Round #2. This should be interesting! His shots are Monday, so say a little prayer that this time goes as smoothly as the last. Here are some pics from Round #1:

When we first got into Dr. Hain's office... All laid back and his typical, happy-go-lucky self
Poppa Jack was trying to keep Mason's mind off what was about to happen!

Poppa Jack explaining to Mason about the different planets. Thank you. He was telling him all about the rings around Saturn... oh wait, or is that Jupiter?? I'm the most confused. But Mason was paying him the most attention and was all serious about his solar system tutorial. He was craning that neck all around!
Mason loves the planets of our universe!! He is very well-educated on them already! Maybe he will go to fake space camp someday like his Mommy!
Oh no, Dr. Hain has entered the room!! It's almost time!!! We just love her. She is sooo sweet with Mason!

Aww, I love this one! Mason trusts her with his life! He thinks it's night-night time. I love his sweet little head in the mirror.

And here he is... just a minute after his shots!! Aww, his sad, chunky little thighs with his little band-aids!! Did he ever care about his Scooby Dooby Doo band-aids? Thank you. Wait, maybe that's not Scooby on that band-aid??

Poppa Jack putting Mason's little outfit back on him while trying to cheer him up

One second after we got in the car. Thank you. Look at Poppa Jack's cute little head all perched up in the driver's seat!

Look at Mason's sweet little onesie... Mrs. Herndon made it... mommy of my good friend, Beth! You may have noticed that she made the "Mason" bib with the pacifier attachment thang in the pics of us visiting MaMaw Thomas

Mason woke up just a few minutes after we brought him into the house. He was the most disoriented... like, "What in the world just happened to me?!?!?"

Getting a little upset when he felt his Band-Aid

Okay, I know you all will be the most disappointed to hear what I'm about to say... but I can't seem to find my battery charger for my camera! I have been searching the house for it all this week. And the 2 batteries I have are completely dead, so no new pics this week! I haven't gone this long since Mason has been born without taking pictures!! I think it's been what, 3 days!??!?! So hopefully I will find it by his 4-month check-up on Monday!! :)


Kim said...

I know exactly what you mean. Hard on baby and mommy, too!
Bless his heart. What a good Poppa to be there with him. He seems so involved-what a blessing.
I'm sorry about the camera and hope you find it soon-there are many cute pictures of Mr. Mason to be taken!

Blessed said...

Those shots are SO HARD! It's sad to see them get them. Plus, C always had a hard time afterwards with fever and just not being himself. He had his shots last Friday and ran fever all weekend. No fun!

I hope Mason's shots go well Monday! You better find that battery charger so we can keep watching sweet Mason grow.

love you.

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