Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Round of Myers Family Birthday Celebrations!!

May & September have always been the biggest time of the year for my family as far as b-day celebratin' goes! My dad and I are May 7 & May 10; and my mom and brother are Sept. 19 & Sept. 16. Now, Mason joins my daddy and me in May with his very own birthday of May 11! :) Anyway, since we all live in the same town, we're very blessed that can just meet for dinner and celebrate. It seems that even though we do live so close, these are really the only times we all get together! We need to take more advantage of it, but it just seems that our lives are all so busy that weeks go by without getting together with our immediate family... the "original" Myers clan. :)

Last Tuesday night we celebrated Jody's 32nd birthday at Chili's. It was the most fun! The last time my family did this was for my dad's birthday and we celebrated at Vittles just 3 days before Mason came!! I'm so glad Mason was with us outside of the belly this time. :) He was all decked out in his super pretty little outfit all ready for his big night out with Uncle Jody, Nana Kay, and Poppa Jack. Jody's wife, Christy, was out of town so she couldn't join us, but hopefully the next time we all get together she can come. Mason missed his Aunt Christy! We had an interesting older couple sitting next to us though who kept kinda interrupting us and talking about all of these random things. The man even came over and started digging his hands all around in our chips & salsa eating them! Thank you. Are you even supposed to do that? I could not imagine doing that! I was the most disgusted. So, in a lot of these pictures you see Mason's little head all looking over at their table trying to figure out the situation.

Then, on Friday, my mom had her big 30th birthday! Hee hee!! Well, not really 30. :) Mason and I picked up some yummy Chick Filet salads and went and had lunch with her at work. My dad works at Comdata as well, so he came and joined us in the breakroom. We had a fun little b-day celebration. In Destin next week though, we're gonna take my mom and Marc's mom both out for b-day dinner and celebrate again!! The ladies need a fun night out one night while we're there instead of bein' in the kitchen cooking!

Here are some pics from last week's partyin':

I love this one! I don't know what's going on in this picture, but Jody & Mason both have the same little look on their faces!

This picture NEVER happens anymore... Mommy & Daddy with their two kids!! Well, this pic is a little different than the usual... there's a new little grandbaby added! :)

Mason with his Mommy & her big brother

At my parents' work on Friday having lunch...

OH MY GOSH, Mason decided on this day he was going to hold his OWN bottle! I couldn't believe it! He has been reaching more for things and holding them, but I didn't think he could do it with a big bottle. It was so sweet!

Nana Kay & Mason time... He was having the most fun!

These are my fave! He has the sweetest look on his face and he is showing off that long leg!! And my mom is the happiest!!

Exhausted after a very busy week!


Kim said...

OH! These are precious. I love family get-togethers. Out-to-eat ones are the best. I miss that.
Glad you guys are able to celebrate together! And now with Mason! Aww!

Blessed said...

He looks a lot like your brother to me in these pics. Well, and Marc. Your brother and Marc!

andreabrosto said...

Oh I just love baby Mason. He just has the sweetest little face. I could just eat him up!
Happy birthday Mona and Jody!

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