Sunday, April 27, 2008

Random Pregnancy Stuff

Okay, for those of you who have ever had a negative idea of taking a Lamaze class, get that idea out of your head right now!! Marc and I recently completed Lamaze and I'm so glad we did! Six Thursday nights in a row for 3 hours did get kinda tiring, but it was well worth it. Usually people think of having a natural birth (no meds, C-section, anything...) when they think of Lamaze, but this class taught us about everything. We were the only couple in there out of 12 or so who admitted that we wanted an Epidural right away; everyone else was so gung-ho about going "all natural" and experiencing every single moment of the actual birth. When it got to us, I flat out told them all, "Good luck, let me hear how it goes!!" They all cracked up!! Alot of the time, Marc and I kinda made fun of everything that was going on and were in our own little world making fun of some of the poses and stuff that you get in to try different labor positions. Some nights we would have to take blankets and pillows and each couple would lay on their little bed thangs and we would try these different labor massage techniques. Thank you. It looked like we were having either A) a big co-ed slumber party, or B) nap time in kindergarten. We couldn't take it all seriously and many nights acted like we were 5 years old. :) But, we still learned so much and tried to stay as mature-acting as we possibly could. By the end of the session when most of the births were quickly approaching, some of the girls were changing their minds out of fear and thinking they would probably end up using meds. Anyway, it was great class that taught us about how to know when you're in labor, when to go to the hospital, the differences between dilating and effacing, the different phases of labor, Epidurals, c-sections, parenting, etc., etc. We learned about lots of stuff that every pregnant couple needs to know, not just about how to be big and tough and take every lick of pain of the labor/delivery. But, I was kinda almost being brainwashed by the end to try and go natural. Umm... I think though that I'll try to be tough the next time, if there is a next time, and stay on the safe side for this one. :) We took the class at Centennial and if anyone wants to know more info on how to find a Lamaze class or even what Lamaze is, we can answer any questions you may have. Oh, Marc and I are the biggest experts now!! hee hee!!
Here are a couple of pics we took our last night there. We wanted a group shot of everyone, but class got out late that night so Marc and I left a bit early and didn't want to call everyone out of the parenting video we were watching to take a picture. At least we got a pic of our wonderful nurse teacher thang, Emily, and another couple we grew somewhat close to during the 6 weeks. Oh, we love Emily! She says that one of the things you can do while you're laboring at home, is to have your friends over and play Batgammon. Okay, does our generation even know what that is? Do I even know how to spell it?? So, on the last night we were doing a review session and she asked us to name off 3 things to do at home before we get to the point where we should go to the hospital, and Marc with the most serious look on his face and tone of voice he could muster up, raises his hand and says, "Have our friends over and play Batgammon." Everyone cracked up and it was the funniest thang!! Emily finally realized that all of us probably had no clue what that even was.


Blessed said...

You are hilarious taking pics of your lamaze class. LOVE it. I liked my prenatal class, too.

Tara said...

We took the exact same class, and I'm pretty sure that is our teacher too! You will be well prepared. I can't wait to tell Brian. Now he and Marc can talk about it!

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