Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our newest purchase!!!

Marc kinda sold my car unexpectedly last Monday night. We had been talking for a while now about getting me a new car before the baby arrives so we could have something a little more reliable and roomy. I had been driving the Altima for 5 years and nothing ever major went wrong with it, but we thought it was probably getting to the point where it would just die out of nowhere. And we didn't want that to happen while Mason and I were on the Interstate!! Marc had listed the Altima in this online Vanderbilt newsletter thangy, but we weren't really getting any calls. I thought maybe we would just wait until this summer to worry about it. Well, Marc decided to list it on Craig's List last Monday morning and it sold it just a few hours!! We were blown away!! Craig's List is our new best friend!! So, there I was without a vehicle. I drove my parents' family van for a few days and even got hit on by the Vanderbilt valet dude while I was in it. Thank you. We found our new car the first day of looking, on Craig's List of course, but still wanted to look around some and do our research. Marc and I never make big decisions like this too quickly cuz we love to do our research and check out Consumer Reports and everything else out there there is to check! I married Mr. Practical. Anyway, we went back on Saturday and go the first car we had seen earlier in the week cuz we couldn't take our minds off of it!! Who knew someone would have such luck on Craig's List? I really do recommend you all checking it if you ever need a new car. We got a 2005 Toyota Highlander. I had never paid much attention to them before until my friend Carrie drove up to our house the weekend we went to ATL with her mom's Highlander. I loved it and told Marc that something like that would be perfect for us and Mason when we do decide to go car shopping. We wanted a smaller SUV since they get good gas mileage (and I can't drive big vehicles!!) and something with a bit more room than our Altima. It still doesn't seem real, though... Marc said it's like we're driving a rental car or something cuz it has that new smell and has absolutely nothing in it!! I tried to make it a little more homier yesterday by adding a pair of sunglasses, an umbrella, and a bottled water to it. Thank you. The Akins were our first guinea pigs as we drove them around in it Saturday night right after we got it. It was the most fun cruisin' in the Highlander and getting ice cream!! Johnathan even did a cute little pose in front of it. Thank you. Here it is!!

Here are a couple I took while we were first test-driving it at this family's house. Marc was checking it out!! We had no idea I was taking pics of our future purchase!!

Notice Trixie and the baby seat! We're the biggest little family now! Trixie was the most confused by the car and the weird baby seat thang that she had never seen before in her life! We actually found our car seat/travel system on Ebay last week and went ahead and bid on it instead of waiting to see if anyone got it for us off our registry. We need it ASAP in case that baby decides to get here sooner than expected! So, we bid on it and won! AND, the lady happens to live in Madison!! So, we drove to get it Saturday morning before we went car hunting and tried it out in some cars. I'm pretty proud of Marc cuz he figured out how to install it rather quickly and made it look the easiest. Now, we just gotta put it in there for good and get it inspected, or whatever we have to do with it.

Thank you, Johnathan, thank you.


Blessed said...

OH, I LOVE IT! I didn't know if you decided to get it or not. I am glad my mom started your love of the HIghlander. It is a great car. We love Toyota's, of course. It looks perfect for you and and Mason!

Journey said...

I'm glad Trixie is truly a part of the family now. And Johnathan looks like he belongs on the Price Is Right in that photo!
Love you guys!


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