Monday, April 14, 2008

One of many of Jody & Christy's Shower's!! This one was a fun BBQ at Donnie Nickey's

Marc and I spent our 5 year anniversary, March 8th, at Donnie's house for a shower for my brother and his wife-to-be, Christy. Donnie and Daniel hosted the shower, 2 of Jody's groomsmen. They did a great job! :) There was a very interesting, but great band there performing right in the middle of the living room! You will see in the pics below where my mom because best friends with one of the guitarist thangs. Thank you. It was a very laid-back evening, and we ate lots of BBQ and just socialized. My grandmother was there getting kisses from all of Jody & Christy's guy friends!! It was the funniest. She loved them all and they're now all her adopted grandsons. Donnie is a TN Titan and you can see where my mom, Ginger, and I was stalking this one room in his house where he had some of his memorabilia!! We had the most fun posing with his autographed footballs and being crazy fans!!

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