Sunday, April 20, 2008

35 Weeks and Still Hangin' On!!!

Okay, Marc is kinda freaked out by this one!! It kinda looks like an alien growing from my belly! We haven't done any face-front ones like this so it kinda took us off guard at how far my belly really is pertruding out!!

Marc talking to his baby!! It's so funny... whenever he puts his whole hand flat on my belly like that, Mason really responds!! He starts moving all around after being so still for a while, like he really knows his daddy's touch and voice!! Soooo sweet!! There is nothing like it!

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Blessed said...

LOVE the belly shots. You are looking so good. I was swollen and huge by 35 weeks, and I still had 6 more weeks to go! :) And, don't try to tell me differently. It's true.

Anyways, keep posting belly shots until Mason comes! And, then, we will check your blog for pics of the cutie!

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