Friday, May 2, 2008


Okay, I'm FINALLY putting pics on this thang of the 3 amazing showers I have had this past month!! I cannot even begin to express how truly grateful Marc and I are for each and every one of these people who have shown us love these last few months, not just by giving us material things, but also by all of the sweet words and prayers!! Each of our 3 showers have been so unique in their own way, and each one attended by so many people from different aspects of our lives.

The first shower was actually at OUR house (I know, a very different concept!) by 5 of my best friends. Andrea B., Melia Roller, and Elizabeth Owensby represented my junior high/high school friends, and Carrie Portis & Brooke Akin represented my "college years" friends. There were probably over 40 beautiful women squeezed into my living room on March 28th, all learning more about each other than they probably wanted to know by time they left my house! :) Hee hee!! We received soooo many monogrammed, embroidered, homemade gifts that night, including burp cloths, shopping cart covers, kleenex boxes, diaper bags, quilts, bibs, onesies, nightlights, lamps, paintings, etc., ALL having Mason's name on them!! :) My friends and family are so talented!! We also received so many wonderful things we need off our registry. Mason was already so incredibly spoiled after just one shower!!

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Blessed said...

It was such a fun shower. You did get some amazing things!!! I can't wait to see Mason wearing all his cute outfits! You have to take him to the beach to wear his little beach bubble!

Love you.

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