Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playing Catch-Up!

Whoa! Can't believe it's already January 2011!! I have soooo much to catch you all up on! My pregnancy has flown by and I can't believe my little boy will be THREE years old in just a few months!! And that we've been in Bowling Green for a year and a half!! I have been forced to slow down these last couple of months by being put on partial bed rest, so I have been able to really enjoy my family and just rest. We are enjoying every second with Mason because in just a few weeks it will no longer be just the 3 of us. I am already 34 1/2 weeks pregnant and am scheduled for a c-section on Thursday, February 10... so, that means we have just 4 1/2 weeks until Mallory Jane will be here! We're soooo excited, but I feel that I have so much left to do to get ready for her, that it's a little overwhelming.

I need to update you all on my pregnancy and what all we've been up to the last couple of months, so just bear with me while I work on several posts. And you all know me, one post can't just be 2 sentences and 2 pictures... it has to be a novel and a million pictures! I'll try to get better at that in this new year, especially since I'll be super busy with TWO kids and will have even less time to blog than I do now.

Okie dokie, off to figure out where in the world I'm going to begin! :)

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