Tuesday, January 11, 2011

32 Weeks at Christmas!

This was written December 26, but is just now being posted! So just pretend that it's Dec. 26. :)
Christmas Eve at Aunt Linzett & Uncle Steve's house

Christmas Day at our house celebrating with our parents

Love this picture of my mom & me! It's just one that I think I'll treasure always, especially when Mallory is 16 and I'm showing her pictures of when I was pregnant with her.

WHEN AM I DUE? C-section scheduled for Thursday, February 10, 2011 (original due date: Feb. 18)

WEIGHT: 149 lbs at my 32 week-check up this past Thursday... At 4 weeks I weighed 122 lbs. Weight gain total: 27 lbs.

Still pouring in from friends! I have maternity clothes out the ying-yang! I'm having a hard time now keeping with with belongs to who! I'm definitely way past the point of being able to wear the maternity clothes I wore with Mason, even all the way up to the very end. I am pretty much uncomfortable now in anything I wear, except for some pj pants and Marc's x-large t-shirts! That's what I hang out in during the day. I'm also still wearing my Jockey comfy pants and hoodies. They actually kinda make me feel a little bit cute AND they're comfy at the same time!! :) When I do have to actually get ready, I wear maternity Heidi Klum skinny jeans (my newest purchase from Motherhood Maternity) or leggings and boots, maternity sleeved, tissue thin fitted shirts from Target. Those are really the only shirts that are fitting over my tummy now. I've also bought a couple of long "boyfriend" cardigans to throw over those tees sometimes. I throw on a long necklace to dress the shirt/cardigan up a little and I'm good to go! I ordered myself some goodies from Oldnavy.com while I was Christmas shopping on that site since I'm growing out of all my clothes. I ordered a purple velour maternity sweatsuit, which I love! The pants are so soft and comfy and aren't too tight around my waist. The jacket has a drawstring just under my chest and is very flattering. I kinda got the J. Lo look goin'! Ha! I actually bought it to wear as a going-home outfit, but I've already busted it out to wear while I'm still pregnant since it looked so comfy. I also bought a couple of long sweaters at Motherhood, one of which I'm wearing in the pics above.
As you can see in the Christmas Eve pic above, dresses are now making me look HUGE!!! So even though I lived in them at the beginning of the pregnancy, bye bye to dresses now for me! I have a couple that still look okay, so I'll be busting those out for church, but for now on I need to wear shirts that hug my belly so I'll actually look pregnant and not like a cow. Ha! :)

SHOWING?? Oh, most definitely! At my 32 week check-up I was measuring almost 34 weeks ahead. So, my belly is measuring a couple of weeks bigger than what it should, but Dr. Gass isn't too worried. He says that the most weight gain happens during this point of the pregnancy and things should start evening out soon. He told me that I'm definitely "out there" and that he even liked my outfit on Thursday. Ha! :)

FEELIN' THE BABY?? 24/7! Mallory is constantly moving and it's usually on the right side of my belly. I'm pretty sure half of these movements I feel are Braxton Hicks, but I'm starting to get them confused. I'm not just feeling little ripples across the tummy, these are some serious movements that take my breath away. Even though they're very uncomfortable, they're constant reminders that I have a healthy, active baby girl growing in my tummy. Thank you, God!

SLEEP: Since my 30 week check-up of being put on partial bed rest, I have been resting a ton during the day. I stay off my feet as much as I can. I am still pretty exhausted all the time and fall asleep on and off on the couch while Mason is watching t.v. Thankfully we have a little boy who has never really "gotten in to stuff" so I know it's okay to shut my eyes for a few minutes while he's entertaining himself. I have to rest during the day, because I'm not getting solid sleep at night. Mason has pretty much stopped sleeping since we turned his bed to a toddler bed and then to the full-sized bed, so one of us usually has to sleep with him in his bed every night. Or, we'll put him bed with us. So, we're not getting as much sleep as we're used to. It's been a big challenge for us dealing with this lack of sleep since we've been so spoiled for 2 1/2 years by a child who LOVES to sleep! I know it's just all to prepare us for when Mallory gets here.

WHAT I MISS: Being comfortable. Mason sleeping 12 hours a day. Mason napping during the day while I also nap. Being comfy in clothes. Having lots of energy. Working out. Picking my baby up. I hate to complain about any of this because I'm just so thankful to be pregnant with a healthy baby girl, but, it's still been a very, very challenging few months. I know this baby girl is going to be somethin' special because of how big of a stinker she's been! :)

CRAVINGS & AVERSIONS: My nausea FINALLY ended around Week 24, so I'm eating more now. My newest random craving is Pimento Cheese Sandwiches!! I could eat 5 a day, but I usually just have 2. :) I also buy Rotisserie Chickens at the grocery and dig into it as soon as I'm unloading the groceries out of the van and into the house! Still loving pizza, but it cramps my tummy and I usually regret it! Still loving cereal, especially fake brand Lucky Charms and salads. And I could eat Fazoli's every day of the week. Not really wanting milkshakes as much. Haven't been craving fruit at all with this pregnancy. Love me some fast food fries. I know, the most horrible thang in the world for you. But, Marc has been having to get us drive-thru most nights since I'm not able to stand on my feet and cook. So, fries it is! They're sooo yummy! Still disgusted by the idea of blueberries. Not really any other specific aversions.

UPDATE ON BABY GIRL: We had a high-risk ultrasound Wednesday, Dec. 22 with the specialist at the Maternal Fetal Group, and they said that Mallory already weighs close to 5 pounds! They say that if I go all the way to my c-section date of Feb. 10, she will probably weigh close to NINE POUNDS!! What in the world?!?!?! Mason was only 7, so they're saying that this explains why I'm having a harder time carrying Mallory and why I'm having all that pain and pressure. We're so thankful that everything is still looking good in the ultrasounds and that she is growing away and is very active. They thought that with the 2-vessel umbilical cord that her growth would be slowed, but it's actually been the exact opposite! We can't imagine how big she would be if I had all 3 vessels, so the 2 vessels are actually a blessing in disguise.

You're probably wondering why I haven't yet talked about the NURSERY?? Well, because there isn't one!! Thank you. We are turning our guest/sewing/play room into Mallory's nursery, but with Marc studying for his boards the past few months and me not feeling well, we haven't done one thing. My dad did come here a few weekends ago to help me organize the closet in that room and make some room for some of Mallory's things. That was a start and helped me feel like we accomplished SOMETHING at least. Still waiting for the crib to come in. At first they said it should be delivered the first week of December, but that came and went and still no crib. The latest is that it is on backorder and won't be shipped until Feb. 7th. Thank you. So, no hopes of a crib until AFTER Mallory is born. And, I have these great intentions of ordering fabric and making the bedding. I've been researching fabric for MONTHS and just can't make up my mind! I promise I'll do it soon. I've just been concentrating on Christmas and have these wonderful plans of spending January getting the nursery ready. Mallory's dresser & vanity that I ordered off of Craig's List are still sitting in the garage waiting to be moved into her room. So, everything is just kinda in disarray right now and I feel SO unprepared for her to get here! I know a nursery does not matter at all, but I just think my mind will feel more settled once I see the beginnings of a nursery. By 34 weeks with Mason, the nursery was as done as it was going to get and I was just so ready for him to get here. So, that gives me 2 weeks to make a little bit more progress! After the holidays our parents will come and help us move furniture around and get Mason's "new" playroom ready (we're turning the dining room into the play/sewing room). THEN we'll be able to start setting up the nursery. Just bear with me! I'm soooo excited to get this sweet girl's nursery ready and know it'll be a project that'll last several months. I've been waiting for this for so long!!!

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