Sunday, January 9, 2011

29 weeks & Marc's Work Christmas Party!

29 weeks on December 3, 2010 at the Graves-Gilbert Christmas Party
It's that time of the year that we all look forward to... the spouse's work Christmas party!! Those are always a little awkard and hard to get through because you gotta put on a smile and be introduced to 500 people and sit and listen to conversations between your spouse and random people about what they do at work. Thank you. Actually, I've never minded Marc's work Christmas parties. Vanderbilt had the best ones ever and we would look forward to them because they gave out the most awesome door prizes ever... like $100 gift cards to our fave restaurants and weekend trips to New York. Thank you. So, we were kinda excited about our first Graves-Gilbert Christmas Party thinking that it would be just as exciting (we had to miss it last year since I was sick). Well, let's just say we didn't go home with any fun prizes, but we did get to spend the evening sitting and chatting with our friends from church, Dr. Patti & Steve. Patti is a pediatrician at Graves-Gilbert (and Mason's pediatrician!). We had fun looking at some of the cool cars, since we were at the Corvette Museum and all. AND, Marc got to show off his baby momma and look like "the man." Ha!

Okay, so let's back up a little to my dilemma. With my growing discomfort, there was NO WAY I could find something in my closet that was cute and dressy enough to wear to the party that would actually be comfy enough to last a few hours of not driving me crazy, and to be stretchy enough to leave room for eating lots of yummy food! So, off to Motherhood Maternity I went. It's really been a few years since I've gone shopping for an outfit to wear to a certain event because I'm just too cheap to justify spending extra money like that, but this was an emergency. Ha! The girl helped me find this really holiday-ish looking tank top thang that she said would look "super cute" with a little black cardigan over it. Thank you. And, I happened to have a dressy cardigan my mom got me a few years ago for Christmas that I could squeeze onto my arms. The best part was that I could wear black leggings and tall black boots since the shirt was long and flowy enough to look right with them. So, I just had to buy one maternity tank top and the Christmas party outfit was complete! Well, I did walk down the mall a few stores and found this hoochie teeny-boppin' cute store that sold lots of fun jewelry. I bought a couple of necklaces to spruce up the outfit a little. I love them and have already gotten the most use out of them. I call them my "maternity jewelry." Thank you.

Oh, and you wonder where Mason was? Well, we were kinda in the middle of his "don't wanna sleep" crisis and Marc and I are two exhausted parents. We had not had any sleep that week of trying to deal with Mason adjusting to his new big boy bed and having to take him back and forth to his bed all night long and eventually giving up and letting him sleep with us, which meant no sleep for us because of him kicking and moving the entire night. I called my dad and pleaded with him to come and get Mason on Friday for him to spend the night in Nashville that night so that Marc and I could have a break and get a good night's rest. AND, it worked out because we needed someone to watch Mason that night so that we could go to Marc's party. It was so great because we got to sleep in Saturday morning for the first time in a while. We went to Nashville Saturday night to get Mason and were soooo excited to see him and have him back with us... even if it meant right back to the sleep crisis! So, sleep or no sleep, we missed our baby boy like crazy!!

Here are some belly shot pics before we left for the party and of our fun night out on the town:

Checkin' out the museum with Patti & Steve... we would love to take Mason back to the Corvette Museum cuz he would be in the most awe seeing all those "vroom vrooms"!
I love him!
Dr. Patti & Steve... we are so blessed to have a wonderful, Christmas pediatrican for Mason who also just happens to go to church with us!

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