Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Potty Training Time!

So, we've finally started the process we've been putting off for several months now... potty training! Marc and I had been talking about it, but have been lazy about actually implementing the "training." Well, we finally decided last week it was time to start. We'll have several weeks to work on it before the new baby comes, and then we'll just deal with whatever happens after she is born. We've heard that if you've been working on potty training with big sister or brother, that they usually go back to where they started after the baby comes. Well, that's just a chance we're taking and if he does go back, then that's fine; we'll just keep working at it. We haven't really been that strict this week with the potty training since we've been at different family members' houses and it's just kinda been crazy, so we're not really doing a good job. Ha! We did potty train 2 days last week and it didn't really go the greatest. But that's okay! Mason and I have been staying home a lot since I'm on partial bedrest, so it's been a good time to let Mason run around the house with big boy underwear on. We have brought the potties out; one in our bathroom and one in the living room. We let him pick out the pair of Thomas the Tank undies he wants to wear and we tell him to let us know whenever he feels like he needs to go potty. So, he wore them for several hours and kept telling me he needed to pee pee. So, he would sit on the potty and... nothing. At least he was getting used to telling me, even though nothing was coming out. So this went on for a few hours and then the next thing I knew, I saw where he had pee peed all over our bedspread!! So, I guess he couldn't tell me in time and then was too embarrassed that he had peed so didn't tell me about the accident. Oh, and he had also poo pooed in the undies earlier that day. So, that was Day #1! At night during sleeping, we've been putting Pull-Ups on him, but still telling him to get up and come tell us if he has to go potty. Well, that hasn't happened. We also sit this huge Cracker Barrel sucker up on the fireplace and tell him that when he goes poo poo in his potty, then he'll get that sucker as a treat. So anyway... potty training has been very interesting, and not very consistent so far. Marc and I have never been strict with stuff when it comes to these things with Mason because he's been such an easy-going child. Sleeping, eating, etc... it's all been pretty easy... until now! So we're trying to keep that same "easy-going" attitude with potty training, but will change it if we need to. At least the idea is being introduced and he's getting used to all this "big boy underwear" talk. In fact, he has gotten about 10 pair of them for Christmas!

We'll really buckle down after New Year's since we're going on a little trip then and it definitely wouldn't be successful then. Here are some pics of the process so far...

Marc putting Mason's very first pair of undies on him

Undie change #1... he kept deciding he wanted a DIFFERENT pair of Thomas undies on...
Checking out some other options
I just love that little butt!

Back to the drawer to pick out the final undie change... James the Tank.
Picking out a potty DVD
Excuse our messy living room... this is what it looks like in just 5 minutes when you have a 2 1/2 year old little boy in the house!
Bath Time!
Helping DaDa run the water
Going night-night for the first time with Pull-Ups on... getting his monkey all situated
Good night, my sweet big boy! What a big day you've had of your first day of potty training!


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