Monday, January 10, 2011

30 Weeks... time to slow down!

30 weeks at the Certain Family Christmas... with Marc's cousin, Ginny Sue, who had just announced she was 12 weeks pregnant! How fun! Next Christmas we'll have TWO new sweet babies at family Christmas!

I had my 30 week-check up on Thursday, December 9th, two days before Christmas with Marc's family. I was given some news that I kinda thought I was going to hear at some point during this pregnancy, and I actually received the news with open arms! I'm measuring about 32 weeks and Mallory has measured a little bit ahead the past couple of months, so Dr. Gass is predicting that she's going to be bigger than Mason was. I am also having a difficult time standing up or walking for any period of time because I've been getting so dizzy and weak and having to sit down. I have also been experiencing a lot of pressure and pain in my pelvic region and it's worrying me because it literally feels like Mallory is going to come right out of me! I'm not even kidding. I never once felt that with Mason. I felt great and full of energy and definitely not this weak at the end of the pregnancy like this. So, after Dr. Gass heard me explain all of this, he said that for now on I needed to stay off my feet as much as possible, which means absolutely NO grocery shopping or going to stores and no chasing Mason! He also said that I can't pick Mason up or really hold him for a long period of time. He wants me to go to Feb. 10 if at all possible and he says the only way for me to do that and to be comfortable is to rest as much as I can. Of course this feels like awful timing since Marc's family Christmas is THIS weekend and then the rest of December is crazy with family stuff, but it's also a God-send that he's making me slow down because I would have completely worn myself out over the holidays if I weren't "forced" to rest.

I am actually thrilled to be on "partial" bedrest because I know it is the best thing for Mallory and me. I need to take care of this big baby girl and I want to feel better and try to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. I wouldn't be this thrilled if I wouldn't of had this great idea to do pretty much all our Christmas shopping online this year. I've never been much of one to do that, but I just haven't felt like going out into all the mess of the shopping world and fight all that traffic. So, I've been sitting at home, on the couch, in my pj's, shopping away for about a month now. It's been so great! And usually the doorbell rings at least once a day of UPS or Fed Ex dropping off a fun package. I'm so thankful I haven't left my Christmas shopping to the last minute this year and that I started early in ordering things here and there online. Man, I would be in some serious trouble though if I had planned on leaving my shopping for later in December and if I didn't like hanging out in my pj's on the computer!

So, upon receiving this news, I tried to bring up to Dr. Gass the idea of moving the date of the c-section up to earlier in February. He was not at all about this idea and did not seem concerned about the weight of the baby or me. He said, "Well, that's the great thing about having a c-section!" Well, I was hoping he would feel sorry for how uncomfortable I am (ha!) and say we could have Mallory earlier, but he wouldn't budge. He just said that we needed to try our best to leave Mallory in until Feb. 10 that that the partial bedrest should help with that. He's just worried that if take her too soon then her lungs could be underdeveloped and she would have to spend some time in the NICU. Of course I don't want that at all for my baby girl and I don't want to be selfish, so I'm going to trust his judgement and just be patient.

So, February 10th it still is!
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