Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A WONDERFUL Day with Family!

My son is blessed to have one of the most amazing families in the entire world! They would love on him 24/7 if we would let them. Ha ha! :) Mason's grandparents are 4 of the most proud Nana's, Poppa's, Grandy's, & Paw T's that you will ever see! They just capture his every single move & word when they are with him and laugh, laugh, laugh. They get to see Mason more than a lot of grandchildren get to see their grandparents (even though they don't think that!) so we're really blessed for our son to have that constant interaction with the 4 people who love him the most besides his Mommy & Daddy! :)

Today I took my diaper cakes to the boutique in Russellville, so my dad drove down from Nashville for a few hours to keep Mason. Even though we moved an hour and ten minutes north to Bowling Green, my dad is still always willing to come watch his little stinker if even for a little while. I was really spoiled having my parents so close when we lived in Nashville, so it has definitely been a challenge to be able to do as much as I did then (dr.'s appt, grocery shopping, Bible studies, etc.) because baby-sitting just isn't as convenient. When I got back home this afternoon, Mason showed me how he and his Poppa Jack had cleaned up and organized his play room. They immediately led me back to the room. It was a huge mess before I left and when I got back it looked like they had worked the entire time cleaning it all up! I was so impressed that 2 men were able to accomplish that! Ha! :) My dad said that they also even had plenty of time to look at books, puzzles, play ball, and cuddle while I was gone. When my Dad left and we watched his white van drive down that street, Mason cried so hard. He never just does that (except when his Daddy leaves the house) so I was in shock. It was the saddest and sweetest at the same time!

Here are a few little pics I took of Mason & Poppa Jack when they were saying goodbye.

BUT.... the fun didn't end there! Our house ended up being FULL of people tonight! Marc's cousin, Fayr, has been living in Alaska for the last 7 years living the army life with her husband and children. This has been really hard for the family, especially Fayr's dad (Marc's Uncle Gary) having them so far away. Well, Fayr's husband is now being stationed in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma so goodbye Alaska, time to drive cross country to the next destination! One of their stops for a while was KY, so we were so excited to have them come to BG to see us! We haven't seen Fayr & the kids in years and it was neat to have Mason meet all these new cousins!

Mason & Angelica spent lots of bonding time reading books & playing with all the new toys Grandy brought to him. She is about a year older than him and really took her role as big cousin seriously! Wherever she would go, he would follow. Here they are having a very serious discussion about one of his "Cars" books.

Angelica's bis sis, Savannah, was so good with the kids! She would go back and forth between playing Family Feud with the grown-ups & reading to the children!

Just bein' silly! And Mason taking advantage of the moment to grab his book!
Wow! That's some big ole' lovin' going on between Mason & his Great-Uncle Gary!
The kids, kids-in-law, and grand-kids!

The biggest Family Feud tournament was goin' on in that living room! Boys v. Girls! Intense!
I love how Uncle Bob & Aunt Judy were chillin' on the couch the whole time, but every now and then contributing some random answer to our game :)
The guys' team: Marc, A.J. (Fayr's hubby), and Uncle Gary

Grandy C brought May-May some new golf clubs!

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