Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had so much fun celebrating the new year 3 days straight with our best friends! It's our tradition to have a New Year's Party with the same group of friends every year. A group of my high school friends starting doing this at my house in 1997, but it kinda evolved to a mixture of high school & Lipscomb crew once college started and Andrea started going there, then pretty much turned into only the Lipscomb bunch (and some of us who married "in" :) ) once Marc and I started dating in 1999. So, this was Marc's and my 11th New Year's to celebrate together! And Andrea's & my 19th New Year's to celebrate! Wow, that is crazy!!

It was our turn to host this year, which worked out perfectly since some of our friends are from BG so they could just spend the night with their families here while everyone else filled every corner of our house. I'm so blessed to have this group of friends to celebrate every season of life with, and so thankful that we can be 100% sober to do it! You would think we're all drunk as skunks though if you saw how silly we get! :) On New Year's Day we all sleep in til about noon, but that didn't quite happen this year though now that we've added kiddos to the bunch! And some certain husbands were up playing Rock Band all night so 2 certain little boys (Luke & Mason, not to mention any names!) woke up and were sitting on their daddies' laps at 3 am, much to the mommies' dismay! We get up and go to brunch and this year Marc and I selected Bob Evans since it's one of our BG faves. We usually hit up the Cracker Barrel, but we tried something new this time. It is also our tradition to all go over to the Herndons' the Saturday after New Year for some of Mrs. Herndon's famous fried chicken! Ms. Hargis helps prepare the meal as well, and it is sooo yummy! We look forward to it all year 'round! Mrs. Herndon and Ms. Hargis are our friends' Jana & Beth's moms... more friends that are part of Marc's Lipscomb crew. They've become like our second moms over the years.

Check out our fun pics!

Carrie & me hangin' out in the kitchen preparing some food

Colt having a serious moment during his piano concerto

Best Friends Through Sunshine & In Shade... along with the BFF juniors!!
Check out my son's bling! Thank you. He was one pimp daddy!
Mason, Luke, & Colt; the stinkers of me, Andrea, & Carrie
The best picture we could get of these boys all night long. Seriously.
Brooke and I took turns cooking sausage in the same skillet... Wait, is that okay??
The Official New Year's '09-'10 Moore Family Photo

Jamie & Baby Girl Audrey, Carrie, me, Andrea, & Brooke
Hmm... Has someone had a little too much White Grape Peach Juice?!??!!?
Me & Brookie... We're so excited to go on our 2nd cruise together with our hubbies this May!!!
Audrey & Mason taking time out for some reading
Happy New Year!!! We were cracking up at an extreme close-up shot of some couple kissing at the New York Ball Drop! We were about to imitate them, but couldn't cuz we were laughing so hard!

Way past someone's bedtime! But yet he is still the happiest and has a perfect spiked hairdo!

Our hot boys... John, Marc, Cory, Johnathan, Seth
Some serious Rock Band action... They really look like they're some band in the middle of a practice session! This cracks me up!
Us girls very much into the Family Feud Wii game... I promise, we really had to concentrate that hard and make all those crazy facial expressions cuz the game was stressing us out! Well, except for Andrea. Okay, well maybe we were exaggerating just a little...
Mason & his best girl pal, Audrey Burgess, ringing in the New Year... Their daddies grew up right next door to each other from the time they were babies, so these two are destined to be life-long friends! Mason's gonna be beatin' up LOTS of little boys really soon!

Another view of our Family Feudin'! This was probably the funniest 10 minutes of the entire night
The BEST picture of the night!! We have discussed this and this is what we have come up with... Andrea & Carrie are watching a scary movie in the theatre. Brooke and I are actual characters in the movie. We are aliens or monsters or something. Brooke is the scariest thang I have ever seen though cuz she is lookin' dead on at that camera causing me to have nightmares tonight.
The boys concentrating very hard... wait, why aren't they curled up on the couch together having us take 500 pictures of them making silly faces?!?!?!
Marc & me
Cory & Andrea
Brooke & Johnathan
Jamie & John
Carrie & Seth
Our traditional picture showing the new year we're in! It's going to be much easier now that we're in the teens! Last year we had to borrow an extra "hand" to show "9"!

Partyin' like it's 1999!
What is Cory doing though? Is he driving a car?
Time for Dirty Santa! Here's John showing off his new lovely scarf & ring! Ha ha!
Marc and his beautiful scarf & necklace & matching earrings set... Girls bring a girly gift and boys bring a $10 gift card... It just always works out for a husband and wife to end up with a girl's & guy's gift, so don't worry, these boys ended up passing these gifts along to their wives by the end of the night! :) And Marc ended up with my Krispy Kreme gift card. Yum!
Brooke got the gift I brought! LOVE that necklace! It's all chunky & colorful.
Andrea & me admiring our gifts... hers from Carrie and mine from Andrea!
I threw in a little something extra for baby-to-be-in-April 2010 Presley Portis! :)
The next afternoon chowin' down at Bob Evans
Whoa, those are some serious brunch-eaters!
Yum! I've been craving their Blueberry Cream Cheese Crepes since the first time I ate them the day we moved to BG!

Baby, it's cold outside! Brrrr!!!
Back at home playin' before naptime
Audrey and Mason were trying to figure out what in the world that octopus thang was!!
Jamie & me with our sweet babies... 3 months apart!

A tired looking bunch! Wonder why!??!?!
The next night... Dinner at the Herndons'!

Back row: Ms. Hargis, Mrs. Herndon, me
Front row: Andrea, Beth, Carrie, Brooke
Oooohing & Ahhhing over the quilt that Beth and her mom have been making

All I can see when I look at this picture is my Wonder Woman boots! Thank you. Now all I need is some little primary blue boy shorts, some kind of shirt thang, and a mask. Would I be allowed into the church Halloween party next year in that get-up though? We have been talking about how much fun our party was this year!!! One of the best we've ever had!! Looking forward to what God has in store for 2010 and can't wait to share those adventures with our best friends! Love you all!


andreabrosto said...

okay your commentary was the funniest thing I've ever read--I was crying from laughing so hard! You and Brooke really do look the scariest in that pic--no wonder me and Carrie look so scared! It was the MOST fun three days ever! Thanks for hosting this crazy bunch of people!

Jen said...

You are the Queen of Pictures! You take them of everything! :) So glad you had a great time.

Kim said...

How fun!! Love that you guys celebrate each year. And, I couldn't agree more about the up close kissing shots-they crack me up!

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