Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowin' Up A Storm!

When we woke up Thursday morning in Bowling Green, we looked outside to find some beautiful snow!! And again on Friday! We didn't venture out into it 'til Friday morning. This is crazy, but I can't even really remember if it snowed this much last winter and if Mason has ever seen snow before?!?!?! I guess if he had then I would definitely have some pictures of it... you know me! So maybe this was Mason's first official snow! He and I went outside to play for just a little while. I think it took longer to get us all bundled up than it did to actually play! When Mason first stepped outside, he just stood there and smiled the biggest smile. He was standing so still, maybe cuz he had on a big ole snow jumpsuit and then a coat and a hat and gloves??? He couldn't even really turn his head! Plus, it was freeeeezing out there; my poor little hands were so cold that they hurt like crazy! Mason wasn't really all about moving all around or trying to run or play in the snow. He just wanted to look and take it all in. Now the snow has melted some, but hopefully it'll snow again really soon so that Mason can have a chance to play with his Daddy in the snow! I know a certain Daddy who would LOVE that! :)

Look out world, here comes Mason Thomas out into the snow!
Oooh, I'm gonna go off the path a little bit and go explorin'!
Someone was fascinated!
Mom, this is all so great!
He was the most confused when he fell down for the first time and got the snow all over his bottom. I'm sure he didn't understand why it felt so cold!
I'm gettin' the hang of it now!

Wait a minute... I don't know about this cold white stuff being all over my new gloves!
Mommy, we're having SO much fun! Wish Daddy were home to play, too!
Oooooooooh, WOOOOOOOW! Look at that! (It was actually nothing, just our neighbor's yard with nothing exciting going on it.... my son, the Drama Queen!)
I've fallen and I can't get up!

Since he was down, I thought I would instruct him on how to make his first snow angel... He didn't really quite get that you have to lie flat down on his back. He kept wanting to turn over. It was a very frustrating two minutes for him as his mommy kept pushing him down into the snow. I know, I'm the meanest!!

Enough of all this, Mom, I'm headin' back toward the house. Come on!


Jen said...

It was such a pretty snow! Glad you and Mason had fun! :)

Blessed said...

Cute pictures! We barely got a dusting! I was hoping for enough to play outside too!

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