Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Super Ridiculous Rocking Horse Bubble

Okay, so, this is one of those funny "my child's daddy dressed him for church on Sunday morning and this is what he came in the room wearing" posts. But actually, Mommy was the one who picked out the outfit, Daddy just put it on the child in an incredibly hilarious way and they BOTH admitted that the outfit was completely ridiculous and that child could not be seen out in public in it! Thank you.

The story about this sweet little rocking horse bubble... For those of you who know me well, I LOVE consignment sales. I am obsessed with them. And go to about 3 major sales 3 times a year in Nashville where I buy ALL of Mason's clothes & shoes. I pretty much refuse to spend anything over $15 for one article of clothing for May-May, no matter if it is the highest-quality little heirloom smocked outfit ever made. I love me some bargains! So, when Mason was about 3 months old I found this super special looking smocked bubble outfit. It looks like something that has been passed down through generations and that several sweet babies in one family have worn it in some professional photoshoots or something. It is antique-lookin' and full of character and the second I saw it I just had to get it for Mason to wear someday. Well, the months have passed and he has gotten older and more "mature", but yet he was never growing into this sweet bubble. Pretty much the stage where he can wear bubbles and get away with it has come and gone for us, but I was determined to still put this one on Mason when he finally grew into it. So, a couple of Sundays ago was THE day for Mason to bust out this bubble. I was sooo excited about it. Marc usually dresses Mason for church and I was just waiting to hear his reaction to this outfit from across our house. After about 20 minutes of Marc being in Mason's room getting him ready, Mason came barrelling through the house right into our room & bathroom where I was. When I saw him, I cracked up the loudest at this child looking the silliest I had ever seen him. I could not wait to hear what Marc had to say about this one! He came in the room and said, "I've kept my mouth shut about many of your outfit selections for our son, but this time I have to put my foot down!" I mean, does a boy even know how to put a bubble on a baby properly? It was one of those ones where the top part buttons to the bottom bubble part, and I have to admit, these buttons can be pretty complicated to figure out sometimes. Well, Marc did not even button it properly so that made it look even sillier. There were these long skinny legs coming out the bottom of this VERY fluffy bubble and Mason looked like the prettiest little girl. It really did look like a little dress all ballooned out around him.

Needless to say, off the child the bubble went. I was so sad about it cuz I spent this money on this bubble Mason will never wear. Maybe someday I will have that super chubby baby I always would thought be fun to have and he can wear this bubble when he's 9 months old or something! My little super skinny Mason was not meant to wear this bubble I guess! Some outfits really are meant for super chunky babies I think for them to look right! Ha! I also kinda wish that I would have allowed Mason to go to church in this bubble just to see everyone's reactions. We should have acted all serious and confused about why people were laughing and saying that we spent $100 on this outfit for Mason or that it was Marc's when he was little or something. I mean, Marc and I are pretty mean, and I could see us making so much fun of some other sweet child wearing this outfit to church! It would have been major payback time for us! :)

Be prepared to make some serious fun of my child right now! And you have my permission!!



andreabrosto said...

okay, that is just awful! Poor thing. What would a certain someone had to say about THAT outfit!? I'm confused about the open back though.

April Kay said...

I know, I should SO take lots more pictures of him in it and put it all over FB, even as my profile pic. Ha! Well, it's not supposed to be an open back. Thank you. That's called Marc not being able to figure out the fact that you're supposed to button the buttons up the back!

Angela said...

That is so bad!! And you know I love some 'vintage' baby outfits. I can't picture what age or size of baby boy that one might work on, the bottom is so fluffy!

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