Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Lukie!

Marc, Mason, and I went down to Nashville today to help celebrate Luke's birthday. Luke is the baby of my best friend, Andrea. He's also Mason's best friend, of course! :) His actual b-day was Thursday, Feb. 4. He had the cutest little party, and Mason acted like he owned the place since he was the oldest little party guest there... well, until Hudson Roller arrived on the scene! I love seeing Mason reuniting with all his little Nashville friends! It seems like after I had Mason, all of our friends started announcing they were pregnant, so little by little all of these new little friends came along! Every time we go back to visit, all these little babies are SO big, which makes my little baby seem like the oldest thang! Makes me a little sad, but also makes me realize how very blessed we all are to have these beautiful, healthy, sweet babies. For most of our friends in Nashville, having babies does not come easy and many of us have been down the road of infertility, miscarriages, and just not getting pregnant as quickly as we thought. So, it makes us that much more thankful for these precious children.

Sorry, had to go there cuz looking at pictures of these babies are bringing tears to my eyes! I love Luke like he is my own son since his Mommy and me have been "sisters" since the day we met in 7th grade. I am so sad I can't be there to watch him grow each and every week, but we still do get to have random outings every few weeks or so. He is such a sweet, smiley baby, just like his momma! Mason kinda picks on him sometimes, but Luke takes it like a man and just smiles so big. Mason is really just starting to pay attention to Luke now that he's a little bigger and they can interact and play more. I pray that these two boys stay as close as their mommies are, and more importantly, that they can survive lots of family vacations together in the future! :)

The only 2 sweet little girls there... Melissa with Baby Matilea & Kristin with Baby Katie Grace. They're always so calm & well-behaved in the midst of all those crazy silly boys!
Luke overseeing the toy situation
Lukie with his Auntie April
Hmm... what to think about this interesting-lookin' contraption??
Luke seemed to like the first taste... he was just so laid-back about the whole thing
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Luke... !!!!
Still enjoying it...
And then.... not so much. He felt the need to rub his eye with his hand that had the icing all over it. But he just kept rubbing and rubbing until it started stinging (like crazy, I'm sure!). Then he wasn't so happy. Poor little thing!
Opening presents... but can't you tell that he's lookin a little rough from the icing incident?? Nothing a super cute smocked fish shortall can't fix! :) Mason picked this out all by himself. Thank you.
Melia & me
Mason enjoying some Poppa Jack & Nana Kay time... for some reason they get the biggest kick out of feeding him grapes.
Luke beating up on his Uncle Tim (Andrea's big brother)
Luke "reaching up" for his Nan nan (Cory's mom)... actually he was just trying to get down
Mason playing a few tunes for the party guests
I love this one! Mason and Luke hangin' out with Nana Kay
Andrea and me with our sweet boys... love this picture even though my sweet boy is trying his hardest to get down!

Who's this handsome little farmer?
Cooke's like, "Here, Mason, let me try to help you figure this thing out!!"
Oh, soooo sweet!
I stole some of Andrea's pics so that you can see all her cute decorations! Someone painted this for her, but she pretty much made everything else.

Mason had the hardest time deciding which party favor to pick! He finally settled on the lion.

Happy birthday, Luke Andrew! We were so excited to be able to celebrate your 1st birthday with you. You were such a good boy and ate your cupcake without getting upset and overwhelmed by the fact that 20 people were taking pictures of you! Can't wait to celebrate lots more special days with you! Love you and your Mommy & Daddy to pieces!

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