Monday, July 13, 2009

Playdates Galore!

Mason Thomas and mommy have been having the most fun this summer going on all these fun outings! I have discovered lots of FREE stuff to do for babies around town and we have been taken advantage of it before we move. We're so gonna miss our friends here and doing all these fun things with them all the time! At least we'll be close enough to where we can still come down some to meet up with Mason's bestest friends!

The first week of June we went to a week of free music classes at the Music Playhouse at it's newest location, just one minute from our house. Mason loved all the commotion, but in the middle of watching ballerinas or trumpet players, he would go and start pilfering in his diaper bag and pull out books & his sippy cup. Thank you. He would also turn the opposite direction from the music or whatever was going on and just sit with his back to them like he was trying to prove some point. What in the world!??!! It was hilarious watching him. I was sick one day, so my dad even took him one of the days! And my he even won the "Most Enthusiastic Parent Award." Thank you. We would expect that with my dad though! :)

So, notice my son reading his book instead of laying on the floor and meditating on the words of the song with his eyes closed like everyone else was doing. Thank you.

Mason was having the most fun with his friends Rhodes & Sydney

Oh wait, is someone head-butting someone else?

Turned around facing the wrong way looking the most confused

The Harpeth Hills crew... Ella, Baby Claire, Baby Luke (sound asleep), and Mason staring at them instead of paying attention to the ballerinas... Oh, and Emma's little head poking out above Ella

Mason & Claire being good listeners

Someone is really interested. Hmm...

This was the day that we were on the news! They zoomed in alot of Andrea, the boys, and me. I wish I had taped it!!

We've also been going to different library story hours for children at the Edmonson Pike Library, the Williamson Co. Library, and the Downtown Library. The downtown one is the BEST!!! There are soo many kids there and we even ran into Mason's sweet friend from his Sunday School class, Callie, and her big sister Taylor and mommy Sara. That was a fun day! Callie & Taylor showed Mason what it was all about. There are puppets and costumes and singing and coloring and Mason just LOVES watching it all! At the Williamson Co. Library, we were at a story time for babies 18 months and younger, and Mason was one of the oldest. He kept getting up out of my lap and crawling to grab whatever toy he could pick up. The woman leading it had the slowest, softest voice and Mason was SO over it. He was just not wanting to pay her any attention. We shared that fun day with Andrea & Baby Luke; Melissa & Baby Matilea; and Jenny Beth & Baby Grant. Luke & Grant were loving it, but Matilea was hungry and Mason was too hyperactive. Thank you. We've also been going to fun places for lunch after these events with our friends. That day we hit up Meridee's in downtown Franklin for some yummy chicken salad!

Notice Melissa in the background soothing Matilea... Matilea decided she was the most hungry in the middle of story hour. Thank you.

Jenny Beth and me with Grant & Mason

Andrea & Luke

Mason getting all up in someone's grill... I definitely do not have a shy son!

Okay, how sweet is this? I don't think I've ever seen something more precious!!!!

Mason definitely added to his list of best friends that day!

We've also been doing playdates with the New Moms' group from church. We're so excited that Baby Matilea has been getting out and joining us for her first official playdates! One hot, extremely humid day we met at the crazy elaborate OUTDOOR playground at church, where Mason got his first official boo boo. Thank you. The emergency kit from the back of someone's car even had to be pulled out for this event! He scraped his little knee from crawling around all over that weird flooring stuff. Anyway, we especially have loved the playground area inside at Cool Springs Galleria. Mason is ALL OVER that place getting into all the fun little doo-dads and crawling up to random people and cruising on them. Thank you. He says to Matilea, Grant, and Luke, "I'm outta here, guys! I've got big boy stuff to do instead of hanging out with you newborns!" Hee hee! :) The little ones do love to sit and stare at everything and I'm so sad that my Mason isn't in the "little one" group anymore!

Mason hangin' with the big kids. He thinks he is big!

Tryin' out the slide at the Cool Springs indoor playground

Melissa and me with Mason & Matilea... check out Matilea's sweet headband that Mason gave her! :) Shoot, if I ever have a little girl, she's going to be sportin' one of these to coordinate with her outfit every day! Thank you.
Okay, please don't tell Mason's daddy about this one!

Gorgeous Baby Grant lovin' bein' perched up in the middle of it all

Melissa & Matliea; Melissa's mommy, and Andrea & Baby Luke
Mason's FAVORITE part of the mall!! He is so fascinated by this thang. Anyone know how we can get one installed in our house??

I'm SO gonna miss all of this, but also am so thankful for a new group of girls & their precious children who I am getting to know up in Bowling Green! One of my best friends, Carrie, grew up there so has been introducing me to her friends there. We have several other friends who know people there and have been connecting us with people, so at least there will be some familiar faces once we get up there! I can't wait to get to know these girls better and for Mason to make some new special friends. It's very comforting to know that they're there waiting for us to arrive; it'll help make this transition so much easier.

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Jenny Beth said...

Hey there, thanks for your sweet message. We too had so much fun getting to join you guys on some play groups, we will have to do them again sometime and we would love to come to BG and see you guys once you are settled. I will be thinking about you all over the next few weeks during the move. We will miss you lots! Can't wait to hear about the trip too. Hugs.

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