Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mason lovin' his Poppa Jack at Christmastime

We put our Christmas tree the earliest we ever have this year; the Saturday before Thanksgiving! I didn't want to be rushed and put it up at the last minute and I wanted for Mason to enjoy it for as long as he could. Plus, I LOVE Christmas! I always hate to take the decorations down cuz it just makes the house feel so empty. I love Christmas decor cuz it matches our house, especially our red couch and red dining room walls! My dad came over a couple of days after we put up our Christmas tree and Mason was so excited to show it off. Mason was already even sportin' his Christmas attire! He has been wearing these same little outfits over and over for a month straight so that he can get his use out of them. Especially the little outfits that say "Mason" since he can never wear them again. How sad! Anyway, I wanted to post some pics of our house and Mason's little visit with his Poppa Jack that day. :)

My dad and Mason talking to Aunt Linzett on the phone!

Mason loves Christmas and his Poppa Jack!! Just like his Mommy. :)

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