Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mason's First Thanksgiving!

Okay, gotta catch y'all up on the last couple of months of our lives. :) Sooo many pictures and stories, I never know where to begin! Let's back up to November... We had a WONDERFUL and very interesting Thanksgiving. It started off with a very unexpected visit to the Emergency Room. Marc woke up a couple of days before Thanksgiving with some strange stomach cramps, very similar to appendicitis. So off to the ER he went and ended up having a colonoscopy the day after Thanksgiving. Thank God everything was okay and the doctors found nothing. We were just glad they took the precautions though to have everything checked out. Now we can be reassured! On Thanksgiving Day we served a meal at the Music City Mission along with my family. This is our tradition. My dad leads this up each year and works so hard doing it! I couldn't imagine being anywhere else that day! This one was a little bit different though since Marc couldn't eat any of the food, in preparation for his procedure the next day. Everyone felt awful for him! After the meal we went home and the 3 of us watched t.v. while Marc did all the lovely preparation steps (not gonna go into details on those!!). In spite of Marc's discomfort, it ended up being a very relaxing afternoon and evening and we had some wonderful family time. :)

The next morning Marc's parents came to town to watch Mason while Marc and I went to Vandy for his procedure. Marc felt so well after it that we even stopped at CVS on the way home for me to get a flu shot! Thank you. Marc was bad, though, and while I was inside he drove himself to Hardee's to buy a milkshake! He got yelled at by the nurse practitioner who gave me my shot. :) Later that day we drove up to Madisonville to have Thanksgiving with Marc's family. What a fun-filled couple of days that was! Mason even got to open some early Christmas gifts!! Marc's aunts especially get so excited about stuff like that so they had to give in and give him some special surprises. :) We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and like always, fit so much into just a few short days!

Mason loves helping his Poppa Jack at the mission

My dear old friend, Duane, meeting my son for the first time!! We go waaay back! :)
Angela, Mason, and Andrea listening closely to Pastor Todd's devotional... It was awesome!
The boys gearing up to do some serious work! Marc was ready to get his hands dirty!

Check out Cory, Erik, and Marc sportin' some aprons and serving away! Love those boys! Oh, and Angela was taking a little break with her red cup! :)

Marc and Erik picking them up some pregnant chicks!! Hee hee! Erik & Angela are actually a married couple; some really good friends of ours, and Andrea is trying to move over on my man! :)

Mason getting some lovin' from the Myers girls! (my cousin, Erica, and our MaMaw - my dad's mom)

MaMaw with her first great-grand

Angela stealing some Mason time! We cannot wait for her Baby Cooke to get here so that Mason can have another friend!

Oh, he is just exhausted after his long Thanksgiving Day of serving the people! And what can be better than napping in Uncle Erik's arms!??!

The next morning right after Mason's Daddy's big surgery! (actually just a colonoscopy, but to Mason it was a big deal... he was looking at us with his huge concerned eyes before we left) Marc was ready to get home to have some play time with his little boy!
Mason was so glad that his daddy was okay!

We even went to eat some yummy lunch at McAllister's to celebrate! Marc hadn't been able to eat since about 36 hours before.

Reading a book with Grandy C... one of Mason's favorite things to do!

OH, boy does he want some sweet tea!! Especially from that place!! Who can blame him?

And, finally off to Madisonville, KY to Grandy C's & Paw T's house...
Mason's first Thanksgiving meal!! Yummmm.... carrots! He was soooo excited!!

Hanna and Baylee helping us feed their little 3rd cousin!

Carrots... I cooked them up myself just for Mason!! Hmm...

Mom, you're taking way too long between bites!!

Mason's precious Thanksgiving attire... Thank you, Auntie Andrea, for making Mason his very first Turkey shirt!

Love it!!! Look at his precious smile!! This was DEFINITELY worth the wait! :)

Look at that stinker showing off!!
We've learned that babies definitely steal the show at family gatherings!! Mason was not having anything to do with Baby Christine though. Poor thang, she was being so sweet and trying to play with him but Mason would not have any of it! Christine is the baby of Marc's brother's friends (Tony & Nicole) who spent Thanksgiving with us.
Marc's cousin, Ginny, and her husband, Matt... They're expecting baby girl London in March!! Yay, another baby in the family for Mason to play with at future family gatherings!

Marc's grandparents, Nanny and Granddad, came over to join in the fun. Mason is also their first great-grandchild!

Marc's Aunt Judy already busting out the gifts! Mason was tearing in that thang all excited to see what his present was! It was a big boy toy that he wanted to play with right then!
Playing with his Great-Aunt Bonnie

Marc's mom & her twin sister... Connie & Bonnie

We were so excited that Marc's cousin, Andy, came for the day! He got to meet Mason for the first time.
Mommy's gotta have a little bit of fun, too! Hanna gave Ginny and me some cool 'dos. She decided to give us each a ponytail on the side of our heads. But, on the opposite sides. Thank you.

I don't know...
Ginny lovin' up our special pampering!

Marc said I looked like one of Hanna's 9 year-old friends

Terry (Marc's dad) and his brother, Uncle Paul... they look sooo much alike in this picture!! And Mason wanted to sport his little Univ. of KY outfit that his Great-Aunt Bonnie got him before he was born... He had about 5 outfit changes that day.

Kids' photo: top row: Andy & Ginny (Marc's Aunt Bonnie's kids)
on couch: Jonathan (Marc's brother), my little immediate family, and Hanna sitting on her momma Heather's lap (Heather is Marc's Aunt Judy's daughter)

The highlight of Mason's Thanksgiving... his big boy rocking horse that his Great-Aunt B gave him!! He was so excited to perch up on that thang! He could practically ride it all by himself! It has to stay at Grandy C's & Paw T's though until he gets a little bit older.

Oh, Christine wanted to try it out, too! We're teaching Mason already that he has to share his toys. I think he's kinda confused by the concept.

And then of course Hanna had to see what the fuss was all about! She's silly.... always keeping us entertained!! There is never a dull moment in this family! :)

We have the most wonderful memories of being with our families for all the holidays! We're so thankful for all of God's blessings!

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andreabrosto said...

Whoa, you just did the most updates! I LOVE the pictures of Mason with the carrots all over his face! I need one of those for the fridge!

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