Thursday, December 4, 2008

What do you get when you feed Mason milk-based formula on Halloween?

So, we had Mason all dressed in his little shirt his Auntie Andrea made him, all ready to give out Halloween candy to the big kids who were Trick or Treating. Auntie Brooke & Uncle Johnathan were even gonna come over and help! Well, so Marc fed Mason one last bottle of formula so we could go a few hours without having to feed him... 30 seconds into the bottle, the picture above is what we found!

It is quite obvious after this happening twice so far, that our little boy is allergic to milk-based formula. This time was definitely worse than the first. The rash spread from his face and neck to his entire body, but Mason had no clue! He was all happy and smiling having no idea what was even happening!

We were so wrapped up in trying to figure out what was going on, that we forgot all about Halloween! Our door bell was ringing and we had no idea who would be showing up! We had candy all ready to give out and everything, but it still took us off guard when little people dressed up as funny characters showed up on our front door step!

Finally Brooke & Johnathan made it to find little Mason looking like his Momma and Daddy had allowed him to get some disease!! Oh well. Game night began and Mason just perched right up there with us. The rash slowly faded away. Wait, what is wrong with Brooke in this picture?
We took a little break from our very serious Phase 10 game for Johnathan to do Mason's favorite thing... Act like you're drinking from a bottle and then act like you're so exhausted. Mason cracks up hysterically at this. I first did this at 10:30 at night after we had gotten back from Trunk or Treat the Sunday before. Mason was so worn out from the weekend that he was dilirous and thought I was the funniest person alive when I did my new little trick.

So, a lesson learned on Mason's first Halloween... Soy-based formula it is for now on. At first the doctor tried to tell me, "No more dairy for you!" but of course I completely ignored that command because there is no way you can take away milk and cheese from this girl!! We figured out the break-outs were from the formula anway, and not my breastmilk, thankfully! Now, all is well in the Moore home. :)


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy, that rash looks so sad!! I'm glad you figured out what caused it and that it didn't ruin Mason's day!

Blessed said...

Poor Mason. I didn't know he had a milk allergy. Well, just to the formula right now, right? Because I guess you haven't tried whole milk yet or anything like that.

He is always so sweet...even when he is feeling so bad. What a trooper.

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