Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mason's Busy Fall Day!

I'm catching up on lots of posts!! These pics are from one of the busiest days of Mason's life probably where we did lots of fun Fall activities in just one day... The next day was very busy as well, since it was the Myers Family Photoshoot and Trunk or Treat at church. (See an earlier post for Trunk or Treat pics... and the family photoshoot pics to come!) After this particular weekend Mason was sick for 2 weeks with a very bad cold. He woke up that Monday morning with it. After 5 days of it not improving, he had his first official "sick child visit" with the pediatrician. I was so afraid that he had developed an ear infection or was on his way to pneumnonia. Thankfully, everything was clear and it was just a bad cold. I was just so worried about my little boy that he was so sick for so long. Poor little thing! We've learned to not jam so much fun into one weekend for now on! It was a fun weekend, though. :)

It started off with Mason and I helping my parents set up their booth for the Nashville Flea Market... my mom sold her "Kay Kards" and my dad sold a bunch of his cds and also candles and wind chimes that he is selling for a new business of his. They put me to work while Nana Kay just got to love on Mason!

Marc learned how to pick up a woman... Just carry a baby all decked out in an adorable Halloween outfit through the Flea Market in a Baby Bjorn. Every single person we passed had to make a comment about them! It was hilarious!

Off to Gentry's Farm in Franklin a little later. Marc's and my very first time to go! I've always wanted to go, but it's never worked out. Now we had a good excuse. :) Of course Grandy C and Paw T didn't want to miss out on the adventure, so they came up for the day and joined us. The first people we ran into... My brother's best friend, Keith, his wife Michelle, and their 2 kiddos...

And then who did we see?? Kelly & Baby Siena from church!! We had barely entered Gentry's Farm when we realized we knew everyone there! :)

The Corn Maze... Mason led the way in his Baby Bjorn! He had the most fun.

Watching the big kids... Mason so wanted to get in there and play with them! Next year!
Visiting the little petting zoo with Mommy & Paw T... Mason didn't really seem overjoyed with the animals. He was just staring at them with the most serious look on his face.

I love this moment Marc captured!

On the very interesting hayride... The guide thang was telling us the most stories and we would have to stop and pull over and stare at cows while he would tell us an hour-long tale about them. Connie and Terry were all involved in the history lesson, but Marc was definitely over it!! It was sooo cold out there and Mason was freezing his little nose off!

Love this one! Mason loves his Grandy C!
After the Flea Market, we met up with Marc's brother, Jonathan, and with my parents at the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate Jonathan's birthday. It's now our tradition since we did this last year as well. Last year though Connie was carrying around my 12-week ultrasound picture and showing it to the entire restaurant proclaiming, "We have a baby! We have a baby!" Everyone was the most confused cuz they looked at us and was trying to figure out who was pregnant. This time she carried around the real thing! :)

Mason is so blessed to have such wonderful grandmothers!

We were so proud of our little man for making it through this loooong day without getting fussy for one second! He's such a trooper for keeping up with all the things we make him do! :) Oh, just wait until Christmas!

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Kim said...

Cutest Halloween toboggin!

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