Saturday, October 30, 2010

Goblin Fest at the L & N Train Museum

We took Mason to the Goblin Fest last Tuesday night at one of his favorite places in the entire world.... the L & N Train Museum! He was definitely more interested in looking at the trains than this whole Halloween situation! It was very similar to story time at the Library, just with a fun Halloween theme. Our friends, the Owens', were there as well, so Mason and Lydia had lots of fun doing crafts, listening to Halloween stories, getting candy and Silly Bandz, and of course... checking out the cool train and chasing each other around in the 40 degree weather outside!

Mason was modeling his Halloween Costume #1 on this night; a Harley Davidson Biker Dude! He looked sooooo cute in his little Harley Davidson outfit & matching boots that I got him at a consigment sale! And of course, the mohawk! There is also a red bandana that I tried and tried to tie around his forehead, but he was not having it! Oh well, he was still one cool dude and kept talking about his "motorcycle" the whole night... that he doesn't have, of course!

Sarah & me outside the museum in front of the "big train" as Mason calls it
Sweet & sassy Lydia showing off her ladybug wings
How cute is that "Lydibug"??
The kiddos checking out the train
One cute ladybug & her biker dude friend!

This was Lydia most of the night.... NOT wanting anything to do with having her picture taken! I still think this is a cute picture, though. :)
Lydia & Sarah during story time
A cool biker dude & his super cool mommy!
My son is an official owner of a true, blue Harley jacket!
Someone kept getting up on his knees in the middle of the story time to turn around the opposite direction to look at his DaDa who was standing up against the wall in the back. Thank you.

We also ran into our friend, Danielle, and her little boy, Ian! He was as interested in the story as Mason was... These boys just had their mind on one thing; T-R-A-I-N-S!!
Listening so sweetly to the story
Running around outside... not sure what was going on... they had some pretend situation going on where Lydia would yell at Mason to get down on the ground, he would get down and say, "I fall down!", get back up and act like he was getting dirt off him and say, "I okay now!", and she would yell at him some more. This went on a good 15 minutes!

The Biker Dude getting ready for bed after a late night out on the town!

Love those sweet little legs!
Fun night at the L & N! Hmm... which costume will he bust out next!?!?!

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