Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebrate Cade!

I hosted a baby shower at my home this past Sunday for one of my good friends, Stephanie, to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Cade Allen! Her due date is Nov. 16, but we're thinking (& hoping!) that we're going to meet him before that! We just love Scott and Stephanie and have become so close to them and their 4 children since we moved to Bowling Green last year. We have loved being pregnant together! I was so excited about having a shower for her and was really thankful for all the help from the other hostesses; Julie, Sarah, Valerie, Laura, Melanie, Heather, Tonya, and Steph's mom, Carolyn. We had such a fun day, but I could not believe that we fit 33 of us in my house! Steph received lots of cute things for Cade, and we had a Diaper/Wipe Raffle so she also got lots of diapers & wipes! I just love me some baby showers!

Steph with her momma, Carolyn... she made the yummiest Lime Sherbert Punch and worked so hard serving it to everyone!

Precious Cade!

Stephanie looking so beautiful at 36 weeks!

Steph and her daughter, Caroline... I just love her!!

And of course Auntie April had to make Cade a little special something for his room!!! :)

And see the cute little green & blue mints? Laura made them and they were the biggest hit! Along with her chicken salad tarts!

Sweet sign for Cade's room made by Andrea!

The table looked so nice! Thanks to Laura & Tonya for helping me with the yummy food! Sarah for the super duper cute cupcakes, Julie for the cute paper goods!

Check 'em out.... LOVED the party favor "C" cookies Valerie made!!
Steph & the hostesses... me, Valerie, Sarah, Julie, Steph, Laura, & Tonya (Melanie & Heather helped prepare, too, but we were so sad that they couldn't be at the shower!) Love all these girls so much!

Please remember Steph & Baby Cade in your prayers as she makes it through her last days of pregnancy and for the labor & delivery. We are just sooooo excited for him to get here cuz we've been dying for another newborn around here to love!

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